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FIFA 22 Review: FIFA’s coming home

Written by Stakester
27 Sep, 2021

The full FIFA 22 game has finally arrived! Read our review, then follow us for more FIFA 22 tips, Ultimate Team news and META guides.

It’s hard for anything to live up to the EA Sports hype machine. Zidane and RVP are all over our TVs, every second YouTuber has an RTG and the list of different release dates is seemingly endless. Well (if you preordered the Ultimate Edition) FIFA is finally here and we have to say – it was worth the wait!

First impressions

The new FIFA game looks and sounds great. The menu updates are slick and the new Hypermotion technology does give the game a more fluid feel. While you’re playing, teams do seem to move in a more coordinated way – so we can say EA Sports’ experiment of capturing a real football match definitely worked out.  

The revamped Career Mode has been met with widespread approval. And although Pro Clubs is in need of some love as a game mode, we expect things to be much more fun this year with the apparent changes to the META (more on that in a bit).

In FUT, early access coupled with the free FIFA points giveaway for preorders – whatever you think about it – has allowed dedicated fans to cash in at the start of FIFA Ultimate Team and build some serious squads very quickly. Prices are still low in the transfer market, so if you’re getting the game on general release don’t worry – you’re just a little late to the party! 

Don’t hate the gameplay

Gameplay will vary across game modes, but there are a few elements that are consistent: things are much slower this year. If you want to build consistent attacks, you need to pass the ball well, build momentum and create overloads or overlaps. 

It’s also a lot harder to score! Keepers have been given a serious upgrade, routinely pulling out mind boggling saves when it seems you can’t miss. AI blocks are also still a big feature, so you need to be sure to really work the openings when you’re attacking. 

FIFA players seem to have hit the virtual gym, as strength is a huge feature of the game already. That left trigger is going to be just as useful in attack as it is in defence, as it helps you roll defenders and create space for your attackers. This is just one of the extra elements that makes the game feel more like real world football this time out. 

What the FUT?

Let’s focus on FIFA’s most popular game mode for a minute: FUT 22 is a perfect example of how the game has changed. Historically it is the fastest, most frantic game mode there is – to the extent that the sheer intensity of FUT often puts people off. But, things are a little different this year. 

A pace boost applied across the board to CBs means that pace – and through balls – aren’t nearly the weapon they were in FIFA 21. Most of the really popular skill moves from last season have been nerfed too – but, whether new ones will rise up and fill the gap remains to be seen. 

With the first FUT Champions on the horizon, we can expect some serious competition this weekend. But, the majority of players will be building teams and using the web app to hoard coins where they can get them first!

Stakester Grade: A

Fans can be pleased that the main issues from last season seem to have been addressed. Lofted through balls and finesse shots from distance are a little overpowered, but we can expect these issues to be patched out quickly. 

We’re looking forward to a fun season ahead. Whether you’re building the dream team in FUT, following your player career or settling down for some old fashioned single player action – this year FIFA is where it’s at!

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