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FIFA 22 Serie A TOTS leaks: 95 Dybala, 95 Hernandez

Written by Stakester
2 Jun, 2022

If you were thinking about taking the weekend off for Serie A TOTS, think again! The team has leaked and it is absolutely juiced: 97 Leao anyone?

Ultimate TOTS is almost upon us, but there’s the small matter of Serie A TOTS to get through first. It’s not the most popular league on FUT – or even in real life – but, EA Sports obviously loves Serie A because it’s back in a big way this season. So, let’s get into CriminalFIFA AND FUTSheriff’s FIFA 22 Serie A TOTS leaks.

Rafael Leão

This man starred for the Serie A Champions this season – and is predicted to be top of the pile. With amazing pace, dribbling and shooting, this looks like one of those TOTS cards that has it all! The AC Milan man will surely be in the million coin plus club and he’s going to be very hard to pack.

Kalidou Koulibaly

Napoli’s brick wall at the back makes the TOTS once again. He’s obviously an incredible defender, but what lets him down vs TOTS competition is that low passing stat. Unless he gets an incredible boost, he won’t be a top tier Team of the Season CB. That being said, dribbling past him is going to be an absolute nightmare.

Milan Skriniar

His gold item was awesome in the early game and he’s back with another cracker. Similarly to Koulibaly, he’s not amazing on the ball, but he makes up for it elsewhere. However, he’s not great to link so he doesn’t get into that top tier of items. Expect to see this guy packed A LOT over the next week. Very likely to appear in your guaranteed SBC.

Theo Hernandez

Put simply, the best LB in the game. This Theo Hernandez item will be ridiculously in-game and very highly sought after. Not only does he have amazing stats, he’s got French links and a body type that makes him as strong and agile as he is quick. If you get him in your red picks it’ll make your year as far as FIFA is concerned. Top shelf.

Dusan Vlahovic 

The man who saved Juve fully deserves his moment in the spotlight in the Serie A TOTS event. He’s going to be an absolute beast, as anyone who faced his Future Stars item earlier in the game will tell you. Big, strong, quick and with a ridiculous shot, he’s going to be a rare and highly sought after item.

Sandro Tonali

Always a FUT favourite, Tonali is the perfect box to box midfielder for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Genuinely top tier passing means he can spray balls around from midfield and unlock even the tightest of defences. Links aren’t great, but if you’ve got an Icon or two in your team then he’s an incredible addition.

Mike Maignan

The new best cheap TOTS keeper in the game! There’s just something about Mike – and it helps that he’s got those French links for your defence. It’s hard to put your finger on why, but his items are always juiced. His Winter Wildcards card was a nightmare to play against and this will be no different.

Juan Cuadrado

Despite a quiet year with only one IF, Cuadrado always makes the TOTS (in fact, he always beat Hakimi, which really upset the now-PSG man). And it’s easy to see why – the guy is made for FIFA. Super quick, a silky dribbler and with the ability to score goals and defend. We think he’ll be quite common, but super effective and fun in-game. 

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

The Lazio man’s reputation as one of Europe’s best CMs is well-earned, and he’s not bad on FIFA either! He’s massive, he’s good on the ball, he can shoot, he can pass… Do we need to go on? The only downside is that Serbia/Serie A combination for links – he’s definitely not one for a hybrid team.

Paulo Dybala

Juventus’ forgotten man isn’t so forgotten on FUT. He’s an outrageous FUT player, with amazing dribbling, shooting and passing. Plus, he’s got that Messi-like low centre of gravity that makes him very hard to predict. Having been a bit neglected on Fifa so far in terms of special cards, expect this one to ruin your FUT Champs.

Ciro Immobile

Some players just aren’t made for this game. It’s hard to see an Immobile item being brilliant to use; he’s just too blocky. Even though those face stats look incredible, the in-games will tell a different story. We reckon he’ll be packed all over the place and he’ll disappoint 90% of those new owners.

Franck Kessie (SBC)

We love a good SBC item! The Ivorian was popular early in the game cycle, with his gold and his Rulebreakers card reaching a really high price point. But, he’s been out of the game since Christmas, and now he’s ready to make a return. He could form a good lynchpin if you pack a few Serie A TOTS and need the chemistry – and he looks like a great CDM.

Marcelo Brozovic

Chelsea fans used to wonder how Mateo Kovacic didn’t get in the Croatia team – and this man is the answer. Another great option for CDM, with top tier stats (almost!) across the board. Just be careful when he gets near the goal, there’s no stats for nosebleeds but he would get a 99.

Domenico Berardi

The Sassuolo man makes the TOTS again, reminding us of his cheap beast card from FIFA 21. This year, the stats are predicted to be much higher, with some really impressive numbers. The physicals are a long way off, which is a worry, but if you’re the type of player who loves a silky dribble, we think this guy is right for you.

Hakan Çalhanoglu

The Turkish midfielder has long been famous for his free kick technique, but has attracted a much higher level of respect since joining Inter. But, his TOTS card is going to be near the bottom of the pile. He should still be great to use in objectives etc, but this isn’t a memorable card for the ages by any stretch.


The best defender in Serie A this season, Bremer has truly earned his place in the TOTS. He looks like a very solid cheap item, who we expect will be heavily packed. Those Brazilian links make him very usable, so we reckon he’ll slot into a team or two. But, to be honest, he’s too slow and his passing stats are too low to put him in the top tier.

Lorenzo Pellegrini (Objective)

The Roma man will be grindable for everyone and – though it’s too early to tell as we haven’t seen the in-games – this looks like one to swerve for us. He’s not going to link in most teams and despite the 94 passing and dribbling, we just don’t think he’s going to cut it now that the power curve is so high. Not worth the grind.

Token tracker

Follow the incomparable @Criminal_x to stay up to date on TOTS tokens. For the second release, you need to play objectives to get the majority of swaps items. Not ideal. But, if you’ve got the time to dedicate to the grind, there’s another 85+x20 pack on the line – and those can yield some incredible pulls.

Good luck in your red picks, and we hope you enjoyed our FIFA 22 Serie A TOTS leaks. Follow us on Twitter for all of the latest TOTS news, leaks and updates.

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