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FIFA 22 Shapeshifters promo: Messi’s best card yet!

Written by Stakester
16 Jun, 2022

Following on from TOTS, EA are set to release another awesome promotion!

Following on from the all-time high that was Team of the Season, EA really needed to pull something out of the bag to keep everyone hooked. Luckily for us, they’ve done just that! The Shapeshifters promotion is making a return to FIFA – after two years out of the game, these position changing cards are making an appearance again!

What is the Shapeshifters promo? 

This promotion wasn’t in FIFA 21, and we last saw it in FIFA 20, so there’s a chance that there are a few new additions to the cards. But, if it’s similar to FIFA 20, then Shapeshifters is a promo in which players are put in completely new positions – you could see wingers play in strike and defenders move up to midfield.

Along with the position changes, the players involved in this promotion will also be receiving huge stat boosts. The infamous FIFA leaker, FutSheriff, has also revealed that a number of players will receive 5* weak foot/skill moves!

Who makes the list?


No doubt the biggest name on our list, the Argentinian maestro has a massive 99 rated striker card! Even with a massive boost, his pace still doesn’t reach the max level as he used to, but this card is still unreal – 99 passing and dribbling makes him an awesome playmaker who can bang goals in from anywhere. His 80 physical is an added bonus, meaning you can power away from defenders, even under pressure.


This is going to be one of the funnest cards to play with from this promo! Davies has left his usual day to day left back job, and has found himself up at the top of the pitch – he’ll be getting a nosebleed soon! He’ll play perfectly as a centre forward, with 99 pace, 97 dribbling and 91 physical, he’s definitely going to be a defender’s nightmare.


The Korean attacker is up next in the leaks, except this time we don’t know his position yet. If we had to guess, we’d probably say that Son will come in a CF role – he’d be ideal for the position with very well-rounded and high rated attacking stats.


Here’s another player who’s making the journey from out wide into the centre of the pitch. His position changes from a LM to a CAM, and will be appearing as a Shapeshiftes SBC. With great pace and dribbling, he’d be able to punch through CDMs and defenders to provide for his team mates, but you could also choose to play him further up the pitch as a striker too!


EA have decided to bring this man back to the forefront of FIFA attention, and he’ll be receiving a Shapeshifters card, just like in FIFA 20. He’s always a fun card to use each year, and a lot of people will be glad he’s making another appearance! With a card as GOATed as this, he could quite literally play anywhere, but we’d enjoy seeing him in a more central role in midfield, compared to his usual RB position or his FIFA 20 striker card.

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