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FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 3 leaks – a team of FUT heroes?

Written by Stakester
30 Jun, 2022

News recently broke that there would be a Shapeshifters Team 3, and possibly even Team 4 – here are the players who will make the list!

The FIFA promo which sees player cards switch to all new positions looks set to continue! Originally, FIFA players thought that Shapeshifters would follow the usual two team format that most of FIFA’s biggest promotions follow. However, just after Shapeshifters Team 2 landed, @FutSheriff revealed that wasn’t the case – now, we’re going to receive a Shapeshifters Team 3 this week, and *drum roll* we’re getting player pick FUT Hero cards!


Ex-Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is up first. According to Sheriff, he will be a Dual Pick SBC, meaning he’ll either be able to do a job out wide or as a centre attacking midfielder! 

Stats are predicted, but the top leakers tend to be eerily accurate with their predictions. So, you can expect lightning fast pace, regardless of position, as well as pinpoint accuracy with his finishing. Being a premier league card, he’ll be ideal to link in most teams – it’s just a shame he can’t link to FIFA 23’s Haaland Man City card!


Like Solskjaer, Ginola is coming as a player pick. However, leaker @The_BossFUT has suggested that one of his cards will be Prem, while the other is a Ligue 1 card. On top of that, we’ll also be seeing Ginola move from his usual wide position, into a central attacking role, whether that be CAM or Strike.

Maxed out dribbling and unreal pace, coupled with insane physical and shooting stats mean Ginola would be a ticking time bomb waiting to score in any match he plays! Whichever version of his card you pick, it’s going to be goated in-game.

Di Natale 

Elsewhere, there are rumours that Di Natale will be vacating his usual centre-forward position and to head out wide. We’re unsure if moving this stone cold killer further away from the goal is the brightest idea, but we’re sure this card will be in high demand either way.

If he moves out wide, you can expect his finishing to drop slightly – but every cloud has a silver lining, and any drop in shooting will be made up for with boosts in both pace and dribbling.

What about current players?

Alongside the FUT Heroes, we’ll also see a spattering of current players thrown into the fold. Here are the current names that are already circulating on social media:


EA Sports are giving us a mash of many promotions in Shapeshifters Team 3, including a Flashback Shapeshifter Trent. A move to midfield will make Trent much more appealing, and it’s his long range finesse shots and free kicks which will really make the difference with this card.

As for stats, he carries over his unrivalled passing ability, meaning he’ll be controlling the pace of play from midfield. His defending is also solid for an out-and-out central midfielder, however, he may be bullied off the ball by stronger players on the pitch.

Watch this space because we’ll add the leaked Shapeshifters promo players as they come…

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