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FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 4: more heroes and all-new team

Written by Stakester
8 Jul, 2022

In not-so-breaking news, Shapeshifters Team 4 is coming to FIFA 22. It’s set to see all remaining Heroes receive a card, as well as a brand new squad.

We’ve known for some time that Shapeshifters Team 4 would probably be coming, and yesterday, it was officially confirmed by @FutSheriff. This Friday, we’ll be receiving Shapeshifter cards for the remaining FUT Heroes who haven’t received a Shapeshifter yet, as well as a full new squad of Shapeshifter players. On top of that, there have also been some SBC players who are rumoured to be arriving with this latest instalment of the promotion.


First up in the confirmed leaks is a big one – Marco Reus! We don’t have a confirmed position yet, but just looking at those stats tells you he will slot into a German/Bundesliga team with ease. If he’s anywhere near 97 pace, 99 dribbling and 97 shooting, he’ll provide some serious attacking quality. We’re also loving the solid physical stats that have been predicted, not only will he be able to glide past defenders, but he can bully some of the weaker players off the ball too.


Okay, so not quite the superstar that Reus is, but still a very solid card. We’ve all seen him demonstrate his cheetah-like pace in the Prem, so the 99 pace is no surprise – but 92 shooting and 95 dribbling is a great upgrade. Perhaps not good enough to make your starting XI, but a solid impact sub nonetheless. 


The first of our Shapeshifters Heroes leaks, Milito will be coming to the Shapeshifters Team 4 promotion. Playing as a striker in his career, and bagging 224 goals in his career, his card still looks as though it will channel some of that finishing ability with 98 or 96 shooting (predicted). He’s a card who may be difficult to fit into your team, but our view is he will be worth the temporary headache.


The latest player to be confirmed is Flashback Pereira. Since he’s making an appearance in Shapeshifters, he will obviously be moving away from his usual right-back position, and from his predicted stats, we think he would make the ideal central midfielder, with a focus on playmaking, rather than going for glory from long range.

Big names!

Kante – The midfielder you can’t help but love is moving on up the pitch. Although he’s world class in his defensive capabilities, sometimes you can’t help but wonder what he’d be like with a little extra flair. Thankfully, EA Sports have answered that question by bumping him up to CAM and giving him five star skill moves!

Walker – In FIFA 21, this man was a go to CB in the “fullbacks as centre backs” system – but now, he’s getting his latest centre back card special card for you to use in FIFA 22! Expect maxed out pace and incredible strength, he’s definitely going to be an end-game defender.

De Ligt – If you’re looking for an interesting Serie A midfielder, look no further. At 6 ft 2 inches, and with the strength of an ox, De Ligt will be a beast in the middle of the park. He will no doubt receive boosts to his pace and passing, so you can expect him to be a bit of an all-rounder.

The Shapeshifters promo is finally coming to an end with Shapeshifter Team 4 – and it seems we’re all ready for a change!
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