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FIFA 22 shooting: two META shots to score more goals

Written by Stakester
7 Oct, 2021

Finishing is a lot tougher than in FIFA 21, so we’re written a handy guide on how to increase your chances of scoring and get more wins.

Pundits always say that the hardest thing in football is putting the ball in the back of the net. That has never been true for a FIFA game before, but EA Sports have found a way to make it true this year! Between a bump for goalkeepers, a nerf to chip shots and a more manual feel to the shooting process, shooting in FIFA 22 feels much more difficult.

But, as always, there are simple, OP shooting techniques – both inside and outside the box. So whether you’re grinding squad battles, climbing the Division Rivals ladder or forging your path in career mode, these FIFA 22 guides will help you bang in more goals – certainly more than those complex skill moves!

Finesse Shots

These are massively OP outside the box in FIFA 22. The crucial element with this technique is to set up the right angle for the shot. You want to be at a 45 degree angle if you’re facing the goal – not too central or the keeper will just catch it – and between 25-30 yards out. A good tip is to aim at the corner of the penalty area, and watch it sail into the top bins.

You can also have great success with these shots if you’re running away from goal, as players are able to defy physics and somehow float it into the far top corner. It’s probably the most OP shot in FIFA 22. If you can master this aspect of the technique you can score goals out of literally nothing. Head away from goal at a slight angle, hold R1/RT and hit that shot button.

Playing a formation with two STs and a CAM is ideal to set up these opportunities. By passing the ball between the three players, you can get one of them at the right angle with a bit of space. Remember – don’t be scared to take your time, the game is slower this year and if you can wait an extra split second it can make all the difference. 

If you can get hold of players with the finesse shot trait – even better! For Prem lovers, Riyadh Mahrez is an often overlooked card with a beast of a finesse shot. Harry Kane is another cheaper option, and Heung-min Son is obviously a beast in this regard (along with everything else).

For more of a European flavour, you could try Paulo Dybala of Juve (or whatever FIFA is calling them this year!) or Lorenzo Insigne of Napoli. Eden Hazard is a surprise finesse shot master and arch goalscorer Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich is pretty handy with them too. 

We expect that this is going to be patched out of the game at some point, so don’t go buying a whole team of finesse artists on Ultimate Team! But, if you can transfer one or two in until the next update, they could be worth a fair few goals.

Low driven shots

Previously pretty unpopular, these shots represent your best % play for shooting inside the penalty area. Despite being insane from 30-40 yards, finesse shots inside the area have been completely nerfed this season (unless you dribble them along the floor, but we’ll come back to that in a bit).

The basic logic is that keepers don’t have amazing animations to save low shots this season, so if you can keep it down it’s much more likely to go in. They’re also much more wary of their near post, so you can’t smash it in as easily as you were able to in FIFA 20 and 21.

So, when you get into the penalty area, you want to do low driven shots across the keeper into the far corner. You can deploy this move by holding L1 and R1 on PS (or LB and RB on Xbox) at the same time as pressing the shoot button. If that’s too tricky, players online are saying you can power up for a finesse shot, and just press L1/LB before the player takes the shot, converting it to a low driven effort. 

Don’t be afraid to take the shot early, as the new sprawling GK animation can snuff out chances before you have the chance to aim. And like we said above, always go across the keeper when you can: it’s more likely to go in, and if the goalie does save it, it’s more likely to pop up for a rebound. 

The simplest way to master this skill is to hit the practise arena – or play a friendly against the easiest difficulty level – and just repeat it until it starts to feel like second nature. Be patient – when you transition into using it in competitive games it’s not going to work right away. But once you add this shot style to your arsenal your chances of scoring 1v1s are going through the roof.

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