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FIFA 22 Silver Stars promo: 74 De Bruyne plus IF Elanga 

Written by Stakester
24 Feb, 2022

A Silver Stars promo is dropping this week, with silver versions of top players entering the game this week. SBCs and objectives are confirmed, but will these players be in packs?

Silver Stars are nothing new to the FIFA franchise. We’ve all seen “in-form” style silver cards that are added to the objectives section as rewards, but, we’ve never seen a full promo. EA are throwing a curveball this week, with 74 rated versions of a number of top players – including a Flashback Kevin de Bruyne! Here’s the breakdown for the FIFA 22 Silver Stars Promo.

Silver Stars, why get excited? 

It’s easy to write off any lower-rated cards as just another money-spinning promotion that won’t add to your squad, but that’s far from the truth! Silver stars cards are far from a new addition to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, it’s a weekly grind for a lot of players. It can seem like a pain to complete these objectives, mainly because you need to use an all-silver team in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge. 

But, if you have good Silver players in your club, you can speed through those objectives in an hour. On the other hand, if you’re playing with a mismatched 63 chemistry silver team to complete an objective, it’s not going to be that fun. That whole struggle can be avoided by getting a few of these Silver Stars promo players – imagine the silky smooth football you can play with Premier League stars in your midfield!

Who’s in the FIFA 22 Silver Stars Promo?

According to @FutSheriff, the Silver Stars promotion will include Flashback silver cards, Objectives and SBCs. We don’t know if they’ll be entering packs, but our advice to all you pack addicts out there? Save the FIFA Points for another time, it’s not worth it!

As for the cards, you can expect a number of higher rated cards to have their overalls slashed considerably – early leaks are suggesting that every Silver Star released will be 74 overall. But, that doesn’t mean these cards aren’t going to be stacked in comparison to your average 74 silver – our prediction is that each card will have a few stats that remain almost level to their gold counterparts.

The leaked players

Silver Stars KDB Concept

Kevin De Bruyne 

The Manchester City man will have 85 passing, he’ll be the player making things happen in your midfield – and the 82 dribbling and 80 shooting is nothing to be scoffed at. On release, this card is definitely going to be one of the best silvers in the game.

Silver Stars Elanga Concept

Anthony Elanga

Another card to watcho is Silver Stars Elanga. With 89 pace, 80 dribbling and 76 shooting he’ll be causing major problems for most fullbacks in the Silver Lounge. Elanga scored against Atletico Madrid last night in the Champions League, so expect some hype.

Reinier Silver Stars Concept


There has been a lot of chatter on social media about Reinier’s card, and it’s for good reason. He’s going to be a very well-rounded player in this promotion with 85 pace, 84 dribbling and 77 shooting – these are stats that outperform a lot of lower rated golds!

Joelinton Silver Stars Concept


Another name that has been doing the rounds is Newcastle’s Joelinton. The question us, will he get a CM card or a LW card? At CM he’ll be a great link to de Bruyne , and with 85 physical he could do the dirty work in midfield.

Musonda Silver Stars Concept

Charly Musonda

The perfect card to round out your midfield is Musonda. He’s not quite as good as Elanga on the finishing front, but he has brilliant dribbling and pace. These two cards could work perfectly in tandem!

A welcome change

Silver objectives can be a welcome change in pace from the sweaty chaos of FUT Champs. A new silver promo gives us all a break from unaffordable god-tier cards. But, as we all know – that’s coming in the summer!

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