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FIFA 22 title update #4: dribbling glitch, driven pass

Written by Stakester
13 Jan, 2022

The competitive master switch glitch looks set to become even more OP, while the driven pass is nerfed and keepers are getting another buff. Here’s what it all means for you and your club:

The new patch has already dropped on PC, and is on the way for PS and Xbox players on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. With lots of changes to shooting, keepers, corners, custom tactics and through balls, there’s a lot for FIFA players to think about this week: here are the most important headlines from the patch notes in Title Update #4:

  • The competitive master switch glitch is even more OP for dribbling
  • Near post shots are nerfed
  • Keepers will be able to save more shots that are close to their body, “between their knees and head”
  • Defenders will no longer slow down when chasing over the top through balls 
  • It will be easier to avoid counter attacks from your own corners

FIFA 22 Master Switch Glitch

The master switch glitch allows players to use assisted jockeying, dribbling, heading and clearances in competitive modes of the game. We’re not saying you should use it – it’s not exactly fair, is it – but it’s a bit like doping: you know other players are doing it and you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t. So no judgements here 🤷

If you’ve ever come across someone on Rivals or Champs who can tackle you every time and intercept everything despite being otherwise rubbish, this is why. The new patch will give glitch users even more of an advantage by removing contextual agile dribbling for everyone else. 

Contextual agile dribbling makes players take extra, small touches when dribbling the ball in tight spaces. It basically uses the animations from R1 agile dribbling for you as and when you need them – but, that will now only happen if you have enabled the glitch. 

Near post nerf

This one is a bit less complicated: sometimes a keeper would be caught too close to the far post and you could smash it top bins at the near post. You needed to be in a certain corridor in the penalty area (AussieFIFA HD has a great video on how to do it), but it will no longer be effective after the patch.

Now, in situations where the goalkeeper gets caught too far over, he’ll be able to make the save. It’s also possible they’ll amend their positioning so that you just don’t see those opportunities anymore. Either way, it takes one of the most OP shots right out of the game. Please don’t make us go back to low drivens, EA Sports! 

Keeper Buff

You’ve definitely been there: it’s a tight game and your opponent puts in a weak shot, close to your keeper – and he dives basically the wrong way and it goes straight through him. No more (apparently)! 

The patch will correct the issue that saw keepers unable to save shots “between their knees and head”. Rather than doing some weird animation that sees them miss the ball, they should be able to keep it together and keep you in the game. 

Lobbed through balls are less OP

EA Sports are attempting to tackle the issue with lofted through balls, by removing a problem that saw defenders slow down when trying to chase down a lobbed through ball. PC players are reporting online that it is much easier to chase down attackers with the new patch. This is likely to massively shake up the meta, especially in the Elite Division. 

It essentially means that all of those over the top merchants are going to have to find a new way of scoring goals. There are different types of FIFA rat, but these are surely the most frustrating. I’m a get to the byline and driven pass into the box guy myself, but we all have our playstyles.

Corner counter? 

Finally, it should be easier to defend your own corners: when you use the custom tactics slider to keep players out of the box, more of them will set up defensively in your own half. This is such a simple, intuitive fix that you wonder how it took until January, but we don’t care! Anything to stop those counterattacks.

That is everything you need to know! Follow us on Twitter for all of the latest FIFA 22 news, leaks and gossip.

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