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FIFA 22 Cheap Beasts TOTS Edition

Written by Stakester
8 Jun, 2022

Whether you’re just getting started, or you want to buy a new super-sub for FIFA 22 Ultimate TOTS, we’ve got the cheap beast recommendations you need to get more wins.

The transfer market can be a confusing place in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. At this stage of the game, there are so many special cards with high overall stats. But, not all of them are that effective in-game, so you need to spend your coins wisely. So, if you’re looking to strengthen on a budget, here are some of the best picks: welcome to our FIFA 22 Cheap Beasts TOTS Edition.

Mike Maignan

GK – Maignan @ 44k

Big Mike is back! His Winter Wildcards item was juiced in FIFA 22, but his TOTS item is top shelf. Even when Serie A TOTS go out of packs, he should stick around the 40k mark. At this stage of the game that’s great value for a solid GK with those sought-after French links. 


RB – Clauss @ 55k

TAA is a steal at 150k if you can afford him, but if you want to keep the price down look no further than this man. A potent mix of speed and stamina more than makes up for any shortcomings. He can play anywhere across the back four, or at RM if you play with a 3. Peak John O’Shea levels of Versatile. 


RB – Frimpong @ 32k

The Leverkusen youngster has been blessed with a few special cards this season, but this one tops it. Maxed out pace, plus solid dribbling and passing stats make him a good bet for CDM in-game. 89 defending and physicals aren’t too shabby either! As with all of these picks, he isn’t top tier, but he can be very effective late in a game when stamina’s low.


CB – Saliba @ 76k

If you have an Arsenal fan in your life, you’ve heard them endlessly talk about this guy. Whatever about IRL, his TOTS item is a great option on a budget. He’s quick and he has an ability to step forward into tackles and win the ball. Again, those French links make him pretty easy to link to high rated players. 


CB – Araujo @ 58k

He may be a bit blocky, but this man is a physical beast. Slap a shadow on him and he’s super quick, plus he’s got top tier defending and physicals. But, the downside is his agility, he’s not going to pounce on 5* skillers and walk away with the ball. However, he’s still a very usable card and a good budget option in defence. 


LB – Mitchell @ 53k

Not the most well-rounded item, but Mitchell can be a real pest! Great pace and defending (especially when boosted with a shadow chem style). He’s been largely forgotten as he came out way back in the Community TOTS promo, but he can still work well in any Premiership squad. We used him back then and enjoyed what he had to offer.


CM – Declan Rice @ 52k

A Neal Guides pick for one of the best value TOTS players, Rice is a really well-rounded card for a box to box CM. He is a little blocky, but if you focus on his passing and defensive abilities he can cause your opponent a lot of problems. 98 long shots and 99 ahot power makes him a real threat from the edge of the box too. 


CM – Hans Vanaken @ 55k

The Belgian beast stands at 6’5, towering above most CMs in the game. And with 90 agility and 86 balance he moves ok for a big lad too. He’s hard to link, but as a super sub he adds a real aerial threat. To quote the top comment on his page on FUTBin, “6’5 with 99 vision, what is he a lighthouse?”


LW – Sinisterra @ 30k

With 4* skills and WF, he can be really dangerous off the wing or up front. 99 agility and balance, plus 97 dribbling, means he’s ridiculous on the ball. Realistically, he’s quite hard to link so he’s unlikely to make your starting XI. But, he’s a sinisterra sight (sorry) for opponents when he comes off the bench. 


LW – Terrier 

We used Terrier at LM in a 3-5-2 on our way to 14 wins this WL and he wasn’t half bad! He scored 7 goals, made 6 assists and caused lots of problems on the left. With 97 acceleration and 90 stamina, he can get up and down for 90 mins and remain a threat – just make sure to boost his agility and balance with an Artist/finisher/engine. 

De Ketelaere

ST – De Ketelaere @ 42k

Another Belgian beast makes the list: standing at 6’4, with 4* skills and WF, De Ketelaere is an underrated FUT gem. Stick him at CM in-game and he’s the perfect box to box player. 93 finishing, 92 defensive awareness and 99 stamina adds up to a great card. If he was from a top 5 league, he’d cost five times as much.


ST – Adeyemi @ 29k

We’re entering full send super sub territory here, but Adeyemi can be very effective when you’re desperate for a goal. Sadly, his top tier pace stats are undercut by 90 finishing and 84 composure, which just doesn’t measure up to the TOTS power curve. But, for 30k he’s a very cheap option that will inject some pace into your attack.


RW – Antony @43k

Antony’s TOTS item is a banger! His dribbling is just glitched, you’ll find he bounces through tackles in a way that doesn’t make much sense. His finishing does let him down a little, but he is such a threat down the wing that we can overlook it. Bring him on when fitness is starting to drop in the second half and watch him cause carnage. 


RW – Gnabry @55k

If you need a finisher and you’ve got a few more coins to spend, get this man in your squad. He’s often overlooked, but he’s class on grass. Top tier acceleration (but only 88 sprint speed, wtf EA?) top tier shooting, top tier dribbling… this card really has it all. Except a 5* WF, which again… what are you smoking EA Sports?

Let us know what you think

If you’ve used any of these players, or you take our advice and buy one, hit us up on Twitter to let us know what you think! You can also find all of the latest leaks plus our TOTS predictions for Ultimate Team of the Season ahead of Friday’s release date. We hope you enjoyed the FIFA 22 Cheap Beasts TOTS Edition!

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