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FIFA 22 TOTY: the best way to do upgrade packs

Written by Stakester
20 Jan, 2022

FIFA 22 Team of the Year is on its way and Ultimate Team players everywhere are going to be scrambling at the chance to open as many packs as possible. However, unless you’ve had the self control to save up all of your packs for the past few weeks, or you’re going to break the bank with FIFA Points (don’t do it), then you’ll need to be clever when it comes to trying to pack a TOTY card.

One of the most effective ways for you to get the best packs and increase your chances of getting your hands on a TOTY is by using the upgrade pack method. Whichever way you look at it, it’s going to be an expensive slog – but there is a way to be super efficient when completing upgrade SBCs!

Upgrade absolutely everything

To be efficient in terms of coins, it’s important to upgrade everything – especially when you’re completing league specific upgrade SBCs. League Upgrades can and will result in a lot of duplicates, and out of pure frustration your first reaction might be to quicksell. Don’t!

You need to squeeze as much value out of these SBCs as you can, so that means you should immediately use these duplicates in other upgrades – even if that means you need to go out and buy the other players on the transfer market to make it work.

Select “off-league” players

This one seems obvious, but many people waste players by using them in the wrong TOTY upgrades. So, if you’re doing the normal upgrades (non-league specific), then you shouldn’t use players that can go into the league-specific squads; the returns from the league upgrade are much better, and you need to ensure you have enough fodder from that league in your club. Once again, if you have duplicates, make sure they go straight into an upgrade!

Gold upgrades are your friend

If you end up with an abundance of common gold cards – and the higher quality upgrade SBCs require rare golds – then make sure you start to cycle these through the standard gold upgrades. This way, you’ll slowly build up rare cards that can be used in the better rewarding upgrade packs, like league-specific upgrades.

The main takeaway is that you should have a “waste not, want not” mindset when completing TOTY upgrade packs – if you’re going to break the cycle of giving your hard-earned cash away to EA, then you’ve got to make the most of every player card at your disposal. Hopefully this will see you pack one of the Team of the Years, good luck!

And if you aren’t bothering with upgrades…

If the thought of spending hours grinding upgrade SBCs makes your skin crawl and you’d rather just play FUT 22 as normal, then you might be able to cash in on your fodder by holding onto it and then selling at the final weekend of TOTY. Those players who are scrambling around for last minute upgrades will be willing to pay through their noses for the players sitting around in your club!

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