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FIFA 22 Ultimate TOTS Prediction: Neymar and Ronaldo 

Written by Stakester
7 Jun, 2022

Ultimate TOTS drops this week, and it’s your last chance to pack some stacked players!

The Team of the Season promotion has flown by, but before we wave goodbye to those blue cards, the biggest one is still to come! The Ultimate TOTS is the cherry on the top of the cake, and is by far the most highly anticipated release of the promotion. If you live in a cave, the Ultimate Team of the Season comprises of the best of the best from the teams we’ve already seen released so far – if you missed the chance to pack some top quality the first time, here is your final chance!

Ultimate TOTS breakdown

Last year in FIFA 21, there were 15 Ultimate TOTS players that made the cut: Eight attackers/wide players, three central (attacking/defensive) midfielders, three defenders and one goalkeeper. 

As for the leagues, there were five players from the Premier League, two from La Liga, four from Serie A, two from the Bundesliga and two from PSG… we mean Ligue 1. Overall, we expect that the breakdown will remain pretty similar to those splits. So, with that in mind, here is our prediction!

Ultimate TOTS player prediction

GK – Courtois

Lets not pretend any of us are hoping to pack a keeper – at 80k, this Courtois card is basically fodder. But, he is still the best keeper on offer in La Liga. With the extra release of his TOTS card, you can expect his price to drop even further, so he will be a top quality bargain to have between the sticks.

LB – Hernández

One of the top players in Serie A TOTS and the best LB in the game. This Theo Hernandez item is very highly sought after – coming in at around 1 million coins, he’s only got a miniscule 7,000 (you read that right) games played. Not only does he have amazing stats, he’s got French links and a body type that makes him as strong and agile as he is quick.

LB – Davies

This card is a beast, and there’s no two ways about it. With 99 pace, he’s very dangerous  down the wing, and his defending and attacking skills mean he can work both ways. He’s got a relatively low price tag at less than 200k, which should drop even further after  a re-release for Ultimate TOTS.

CB – Van Dijk

After making 191 recoveries, winning 137 duels and coming out on top in 111 aerial battles, VVD fully  deserved his TOTS card. The Ultimate TOTS has a well-documented Premiership bias, but VVD would make the grade no matter what league he played in. 

CM – Bellingham

Bellingham’s TOTS card is one of the most well-rounded centre mid cards in the game, with every stat in the 90s. His  price has settled around the 2 million mark, which  makes him a very difficult player to add to your squad. . He’s the ideal box to box midfielder, with great passing and dribbling – it will make your FIFA year if you pack him. 

CM – Pedri

Thanks to his unreal pace, passing and dribbling, Pedri is  a real fan favourite from the La Liga TOTS release. Because of that, his price soared to well over a million, and his games played stat hasn’t gone past 150,000 yet. With the re-release, our hope is his market price drops and more of us get the chance to play with this certified baller!

CM – De Bruyne

This future Premier League hall-of-famer can do it all, and it’s definitely going to be a well-deserved Ultimate TOTS pick. He’s the perfect attacking midfielder – or you can stick a shadow on him and he’ll own the space between the two boxes. The man can do it all! 

RM – Diaby

Last year it was Bamba, this year it’s Diaby. This is the card you’re going to be well-acquainted with during this Ultimate TOTS promo. Your pack will flash blue, only for this fella to walk out – our guess is by the end of next week you’ll be cursing his name!

LW – Son

A true man of the people, he’s one of those players you just can’t help but like. On FIFA, he’s multifaceted, versatile and absolutely deadly in front of goal. 5 star weak foot and good close control means that once he gets turned in the box, it’s probably going in. Add to that his price tag (which will surely drop if he gets into Ultimate TOTS) and you have a great value  goalscorer!

LW – Neymar

Neymar’s pace, flair and unstoppable skill moves have caused his TOTS card price to skyrocket to over 5.8 million! He’s quite simply one of the best cards in the game, but don’t bank on packing him! He’s much more likely to ruin your Weekend League than anything else. 

RW – Salah 

Salah’s TOTS card currently sits at a cool 1.8 million coins, and for good reason; The Egyptian King is lethal in attack, with pace, dribbling and shooting almost maxed out. He’s got around 250k games clocked at the moment, so let’s hope that number rises massively next week. 

ST – Lewandowski

The truth is, Lewandowski isn’t that META due to his build and size, but if you use him to his strengths, he is still a monster. His TOTS card has very well-rounded stats, but he’s going to perform best when you get him in front of goal without having to get past defenders first. Lewa’s card is another which could be a handy bargain once his price drops.

ST – Vlahovic 

Big, strong, quick and with a ridiculous shot, Vlahovic has made for a tough opponent in FIFA. But, he’s still on the cheaper side of TOTS cards, and that’s only going to improve with an Ultimate release – although he isn’t the most META of strikers, he’s a very solid finisher and may be worth a shot.

ST – Cristiano 

The cold, hard truth is that EA will be picking cards to make people buy FIFA Points, which means this man is guaranteed to be in the lineup! At over 4 million coins, the players who can afford this man are few and far between – but anyone who packed him has surely seen the goals fly in ever since. 

ST – Mbappe

Mbappe’s cards are absolutely glitched in FIFA 22. Whether it’s his pace, finishing, passing or dribbling – there’s nothing he can’t do in attack. He’s going to be very rare, but if you get this card it’ll transform your team, no matter who’s in it already. At 5 million coins, he’s pretty out of reach on the market, so hope for some pack luck. 

Who are you hoping to pack?

The Ultimate Team of the Season cards’s release date is this Friday 10th of June. There’ll be plenty of you who have already been saving packs for a while for this one, so we wish you the best of luck!

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