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FIFA 22: We Want Hope United

Written by Stakester
25 May, 2021

Meet the Team

There is no room for hate in football. It should really be as simple as that, but unfortunately, the need for these campaigns continues. So, in the wake of the recent social media blackout, BT has launched the “Hope United” initiative, in which some of the biggest stars from the men’s and women’s game have come together to try to end discrimination in football for good.

The team includes male and female athletes from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales who are coming together in a show of strength against those who post hate online. Premier league players like Marcus Rashford and Jordan Henderson have teamed up with Women’s Super League players such as Lucy Bronze and Demi Stokes – and under the management of Rio Ferdinand they’ll do everything possible to educate the masses about the impact of online hate.

Let’s Show Some Support

Stakester believes that anyone can bring top quality competition, no matter what race or gender they are. There’s no room in sport for abuse and we back Hope United 100% in the battle to eradicate hate. But we don’t want it to stop there! We’d love to see the whole esports scene get behind this great team – that means you too, EA!

So with that said, here are some ways we think Hope United could feature in EA Sports’ next FIFA game…

Promo Kit

This kit is great; it would look right at home in the middle of Glastonbury festival or a football pitch. We think the wavy design and popping colours would inspire any FIFA player – we imagine that it would be a fan favourite throughout the whole of FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team.

Because the kit supports such a great cause, we think it should be gifted to every player, much like the Movember kits in the past. That way, players get to stand against online hate and look the part – all at the same time!

Custom Team

Now we don’t expect FIFA 22 to let us compete with this team in career mode, but we think it would be a great addition to be able to play using this team in other game modes, such as online friendlies. It would be the first time that you could play with a mixed gender team in FIFA, and what better way to mark the occasion than making it happen in support of ending online hate!

Cover Star

Marcus Rashford, Gareth Bale, Jordan Henderson and Co join forces in bid to  tackle online abuse | Daily Mail Online

If a member of Hope United were to appear on the FIFA 22 cover, that would send a clear message to everyone that there is no room for hate, both in FIFA and in the wider online world. We think it would be a bold and brave statement if EA chose to leave the likes of Mbappe and Haaland on the bench and instead pick a member of Hope United.

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