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FIFA 22: What If Promo – release date, predictions 

Written by Stakester
7 Feb, 2022

With Future Stars underway, people are already looking ahead to the next promo: and it’s one of the best from FIFA 21 Ultimate Team – What If.

After Team of the Year and the Honourable Mentions are finished, things really heat up on FIFA! And FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is no exception – hot on the heels of Future Stars, rumours are swirling on Twitter that What If is up next. So, we’ve got everything you need to know about the potential FIFA 22 What if Promo:

How does What if work?

Based on FIFA 21, the What If promo offers special cards that are upgraded if their team completes a set of objectives in real life. A sleek purple card design, off-meta players and live stats made these cards very desirable last year – and we expect the same again in this year’s version of FIFA.

Attackers and midfielders are judged on scoring goals, while defenders and goalkeepers receive the upgrade if they keep clean sheets. This is how EA Sports broke it down last year:

  • Attackers & Midfielders upgrade if the player’s club scores at least 6 total goals in their next 5 domestic league matches.
  • Defenders & Goalkeepers upgrade if the player’s club keeps at least 1 clean sheet over their next 5 domestic league matches.

There were a few more rules to contend with: goals had to be scored in domestic league matches – European and cup games didn’t count. The tracker didn’t start counting until after the release of the promo and appearances in Team of the Week did not affect What if player items last season. 

Where’s the value?

Looking at Last Season’s promo, there was value to be found all over the pitch. 22 of the 31 players included got upgrades, so the concept was solid and lots of FUT players saw their items improve. 

On first sight it looks like it’s easier for defenders and keepers to get a boost, as they only need one clean sheet. But, scoring 6 goals in 5 games isn’t insurmountable for most teams either; the majority of upgraded players last season were attackers and midfielders. Check out the official tracker to see how the upgrades were handed out.

If we take this season’s Premier League as an example; only Wolves, Burnley and Norwich average less than a goal a game this season. Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City average more than two. 

Defensively, only Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City concede less than a goal a game. But, you only need one clean sheet, so as long as your defender or goalie plays for a top half team, they should pick one up over five games.

When is What if coming out?

If the leaks are correct, then What If will drop on Friday 11th February at 6 pm GMT. As with most promos this year, we can expect a mini-release on the Sunday, with a few extra players added to the squad. 

We can almost certainly expect two teams, so the promo will probably last a full two weeks. With the market in the toilet this year, the prospect of live cards means that even the lowest tier items should be worth more than discard – something that the next promo badly needs.

FIFA 22 What If Predictions

So who’s likely to make the team? There are no proper leaks yet, but we’ve put together a list of some of the most meta Ultimate Team players with no promo cards so far. They’re all French because… well, being French is meta this year. Right EA? Thanks to Davedesiigns for the awesome concept card art:

Kimpembe Concept Card

Presnel Kimpembe

If we’re getting an R9 SBC, then we’re going to need some defenders who can match him. Kimpembe’s gold item is cracked this year, still managing with the power curve as steep as it has ever been. We think it’s time for an upgrade – and with two clean sheets in their last 5 games, PSG would probably deliver one.

Mendy Concept Card

Ferland Mendy

The Real Madrid man has been putting in solid performances this season, but has somehow avoided a special card. In FIFA 21 he received a FUT Birthday item late in the season – and it was endgame level. We’d expect the same here, but Real Madrid have only kept one clean sheet in 5, so he could fall short if included.

St Max Concept Card

Alain Saint-Maximin

The Newcastle man got that amazing FUT Freeze item last year – and we’d like to see the same again! His gold card is still annoying to face in the right hands, but he deserves a proper usable card. Any upgrade (plus the position change) would make him a serious prospect. But, hand on heart, my guy’s never getting the upgrade.

That’s it for our FIFA 22 What if Promo Roundup, we’ll be updating this piece with news as it leaks, so make sure you come back and check it out when the cards start to drop. In the meantime, check out our predictions for this week’s TOTW:

FIFA 22 Team of the Week 20

Check out who we think will make the FIFA 22 TOTW 20 for Wednesday February 9th – with Headliners upgrades, an second IF for Ben Yedder and a sensational FIFA return for Dani Alves.

Read more FIFA 22 news, leaks and predictions on our blog, or follow us on Twitter.

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