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FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard: ST Neymar, ST Coman, Zaha SBC

Written by Stakester
16 Dec, 2021

All we want for Christmas is… position changes for meta cards! Thanks and credit to FUTDonk for the leak/prediction.

FUT 22 is leakier than a post-iceberg Titanic at this point, so the word has been out for a while for the FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard release. Dropping on Friday 17th December, The Winter Wildcard Promo features position changes galore and some seriously special cards.

The promo will drop at 6pm GMT, so if you have any heavy packs saved, today is a good day to open them! After a disappointing FUT Vs, with confusing stat boosts, skill move and weak foot upgrades – and pack mishaps – we’re ready to get back to a good old fashioned promo for the weekend.

Thanks to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team leaks king @FUTDonk for the info as always 🙌

The Winter Wildcards

We’ve got some big names in here! Pogba, Coman and Neymar are the obvious highlights: ST Neymar and Coman cards really are game-breaking – and could we see a return of Pogba’s famous CDM Rulebreakers card from FIFA 21?

David, Semedo and Niakhate may not be household names on the same level, but they all have the right base stat makeup to create a great promo card. Embolo could be a surprise beast as well, given his top tier base pace stats. Could we see a usable CB Fabinho, like his Headliners card from last year?

The pick of the bunch

Let’s be honest, everyone is going to be praying for the Paris Saint Germain superstar in their packs. And if Donk’s stats predictions are correct then he is going to be a beast! Neymar is the perfect FUT attacker, with great dribbling, shooting and composure. 

He can play anywhere across the forward line and he’s got great PSG and Brazilian links. The ST position means you can comfortably link him to Angel Di Maria, Mbappe and Lionel Messi, with a hybrid Brazilian or French element to your squad. 

Young Bundesliga King 👑

Even Coman’s gold card is pretty solid this year, but an upgraded ST version could really improve your squad if you opted for the Bundesliga. With Haaland and Lewandowski the top forwards, the league is lacking in good, pacey STs, so we’re expecting this card to come at a hefty price.

Serious pace, dribbling and shooting stats would make him absolutely lethal up front – plus he’s got those French links for anyone with a meta French squad. Mostly, it’s just nice to see EA Sports branch out a bit for a promo card

SBC Zaha on the way

Zaha is no stranger to an OP special card, and if these stats are anything to go by, everyone’s going to want to do this SBC. The 5* 5* WF/SM combo would make him extremely useful in-game, and the Crystal Palace man can slot seamlessly into a Premier League Team.

So make sure your club is stocked with fodder, this could be a Fekir level SBC.
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