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FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Team 2 dropping today!

Written by Stakester
23 Dec, 2021

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Team Two will be released at 6pm on Thursday, so get ready for WW Ibrahimovic, Hazard and Tierney.

Team Two is coming today – and what perfect timing, Rivals milestone rewards are here too! Those untradeable packs are just sitting there: so if you want to get any Team 1 players, now is the time to open. If you like the look of Team Two, save them for 6pm and try to pack a brand new Winter Wildcards Team Two player.

EA Sports promised a season of innovation this year, and (to be fair) we’re getting it! Winter Wildcard Swaps is such a great addition to the Christmas promo, so make sure you get as many wildcard swaps tokens as you can before the rewards come out on the 26th December.

Team Two: the rundown

In case you’ve managed to miss the leaks, the headline players are AC Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Man City’s Raheem Sterling and Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard. Hazard and Ibra look very similar to their famous flashback cards from FIFA 21, while Sterling will add another top tier Premiership RW item to the game.

The other notable inclusions are the return of the rat prince, Roman Alessandrini (Ben Yedder will always be the rat king to us), and another really solid card for Levante’s Jose Luis Morales. Anyone who did the Eredivisie Squad Foundations cards will be happy to see a partner for MacIntosh at CB, with a very tasty 85 Teze card on offer (with 85 pace!)

We’ve also got a very usable Martial card, who could slot right into any Prem/French squad. Another one to watch out for is that Geundouzi: a DM with 84 pace, 81 defending and 85 physicals is going to be super useful: especially with those precious Ligue 1 links. Whatever squad you’re running, Team 2 is full of interesting players – even if it doesn’t quite hit the heights reached by Neymar and Coman in Winter Wildcard Promo Team 1.

Swaps Strategy

Given that we’ll be able to spend our WW Swaps tokens in a few days, it’s time to talk strategy. With 24 tokens available in total, you’ll need to spend them wisely to get the best out of the promo. The obvious dilemma is Daka vs the 85×10 pack. The Leicester ST looks like an absolute monster, but the 85×10 pack is the perfect promo pack. If you’re looking to pack a TOTY card, then get this and save it. 

Depending on your choice, you’ll have 11 or 9 tokens left (if you manage to complete the full set). So what do you do? Gunter looks all right, but the links aren’t great and three are better LBs in the game already. So, we think the money move is just to take as many of the fodder packs as you can and save them for a shiny SBC. 

Some of the WW SBCs have been really incredible: Zaha (who expires tomorrow), Aouar Etebo and Magloire are all pretty broken (though we have to say, Aouar is on another level). So don’t let the promo go by without doing the one that suits your team. Protip: do the loan versions for each, so you can use them for Icon Swaps/Friendlies objectives.

Icon Swaps 

While we’re on the subject of swaps, don’t forget that icon swaps is a great game mode to grind over Christmas! You can take it easy – most people play golden goal in Friendlies so there are very few sweaty matches – and spend some happy hours trying new players and squads. 

Happy holidays from all of us at Stakester, if you like our articles, then follow us on Twittter to make sure you never miss one!

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