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FIFA 23 Career Mode Trailer: awesome features incoming!

Written by Stakester
1 Aug, 2022

Player and manager careers in FIFA can sometimes be lacklustre, but FIFA 23 Career Mode looks like it will smash all expectations.

At 4pm on the 1s of August, we got our first look at some of the brand new features for FIFA 23 Career Mode. It’s safe to say that fans of the game mode will now be hyped, as we’re set to receive Player Personality, Off-Field activities and Authentic Managers! Here’s all you need to know ahead of the release date.

Player Personality

Up first, and a first in FIFA as a whole, is the Player Personality system which is being introduced in the new game. There are three personality types – Maverick, Virtuoso and Heartbeat – and both your on-field and off-field actions will contribute to your personality. 

Mavericks will tend to be wild on and off the pitch, desperate to smash personal records and secure their place in history as the GOAT. 

Virtuosos tend to be intelligent and skillful on the pitch, with the ability to change the game with their ability. But, they’ll also be spontaneous off the pitch as well. 

Heartbeats are the life and soul of the club – there’ll be no splashing the cash off the pitch, and they’ll be leading by example on every match day.

You don’t have to just choose one personality type though; you could begin the game as a brash teenage MAverick, behaving erratically, before finishing your career as the mature Heartbeat of the team.

Each of these personality types will also give you stat boosts in relevant areas, so the Virtuoso who controls the game in midfield could receive passing and dribbling stat boosts!

Off-Field Activities 

To go alongside your brand new personality, there’ll also be options for how you spend your time off the field. You’ll be able to choose ways to invest your money and time, from developing your own mobile app, to visiting injured teammates in the hospital. On the other hand, you could also blow all of your wage on a brand new supercar!

Playable Highlights

Grinding your way through a whole player career can be quite draining, and many career mode players stop playing well-before reaching retirement. That’s set to change, with the introduction of Playable Highlights. Much like FIFA 22’s manager Career Mode, you’ll be able to skip the majority of a game, but still jump straight into the action whenever there is a dangerous play going on. Hopefully, this will mean we’re much more invested across a player’s whole career.

New and Improved Menu

With some much needed changes to the Career Mode menu, EA Sports has promised that you’ll spend less time navigating and more time actually managing your time off the pitch!

Dynamic Moments

Here’s another super exciting addition to FIFA 23 – Dynamic Moments will bring even more cinematic sequences to the game. At key moments through your career, like transferring to a new club or celebrations after cup wins, you can expect to see cutscenes that add even more realism to the game. 

One interesting reveal was that if a star player signs for your club and threatens your position, you might be shown a slightly frosty cutscene as you worry for your future at the club.

Transfer Evaluation Feature

You’ll now be evaluated on your performance in every transfer negotiation. You’ll also receive information on how a player can best benefit your team, as well as how you can snag yourself a better deal or get better prices for selling players in the future.

AI Tactics

Gone are the days of smashing five goals past an opponent because they appear to refuse to change their tactics – now, your AI opponent will make much more informed decisions depending upon your actions on the field. Think players dropping back into defence if you’re overpowering them, or sending an extra player up top to press home their advantage in the game.

Authentic Managers

This one has been a long time coming, but now you’ll be able to take your favourite real-life managers to glory in Career Mode. From the likes of Pep Guardiola, to Jurgen Klopp, you can choose to continue on with their current club, or take them to pastures new at a new club.

And that wraps it up for the FIFA 23 Career Mode trailer review. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all of the latest FIFA 23 news.

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