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FIFA 23 Celebrations: new animations coming to the game

Written by Stakester
8 Aug, 2022

Sometimes, it’s the small details that really make a game great, check out these FIFA 23 celebrations!

With every new FIFA game, we get an offering of huge new updates, which EA Sports’ development team have undoubtedly poured thousands of hours of work into. But a lot of the time, the average player doesn’t really care for Hypermotion; what we really care about are the fun dances we can do after scoring a goal, bonus points if they trigger your opponent! The upcoming game is no different, so here are the brand new FIFA 23 celebrations!

The Griddy

In the current age of social media, it’s no surprise that a lot of the most famous celebrations nowadays come straight from TikTok. The latest trending dance to make its way onto the pitch is The Griddy – as performed by players like Pulisic and Kean. EA have picked up on the love that the dance and celebrations have got, so now you’ll be able to hit The Griddy in-game – it’s definitely going to be a rage inducer after those 90th minute winners in Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team!

The Gamer

During the 21/22 Premier League season, news broke that Diogo Jota had to back out of a FIFA 22 international qualifier – the reason; so he could get to Anfield on time for Liverpool’s game against Southampton! Jota went on to bang in a first half brace in the game, and decided to celebrate one of the goals by imitating his PS4 playing stance. This one is definitely a great addition to the game – but we aren’t sure what his fingers are doing in the animation…

The Eye of the Tiger

Pulisic has been known to show off his body art for some of his goal celebrations, and now he’ll be receiving his own celebration in FIFA 23. Obviously, this animation will only trigger if you score with Pulisic – just like Ronaldo’s audible SIU – as any other player would just be staring at their plain old arm.

Sam Kerr’s Flip

Being a cover star comes with its perks, one of which is getting your own celebration in the game! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any gameplay released of this yet, but you just know this one will be magical – 10/10 for execution.

The celebrations in real life:
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