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FIFA 23 Crossplay: EA Sports to introduce cross platform?

Written by Stakester
2 Mar, 2022

Ahead of what looks to be a revolutionary time for the FIFA franchise, insiders say that cross-play is coming to FIFA 23!

Since its creation, FIFA games have always been single-platform – you could play with your mates and battle for the “best fifa player” title, but only if you’d forked out for the same console. That all looks set to change come Autumn, when FIFA 23 comes out with a huge new crossplay feature!

The first FIFA 23 Leaks

It seems far too early to be talking about leaks – it’s only March after all – but a report published by Xfire just needs to be explored. They’ve said that players from Xbox, Playstation and PC platforms will be able to play together, across all multiplayer game modes – meaning that the long running debate over which platform has the highest skill level will soon be ended!

The next installation, that will replace FIFA 22, has apparently been confirmed to include both the men’s and the women’s world cup. This means that EA Sports’ FIFA rebrand (following the contract negotiation failure with FIFA back in October) will likely not happen until next year. 

There have also been reported improvements to Hypermotion Technology. Now, EA will not need to use Xsens suits to capture player movements – instead, they’ll be able to use video captured by stadium cameras to make in-game movements even more lifelike. Apparently, this has resulted in EA being able to capture 100 times the amount of data than they have in the whole 29 years of FIFA’s existence! With all these developments, the rumours that FIFA 23 will be free to play when the release date comes round are probably false.

FUT – a new way to play

The biggest change crossplay will bring is surely in the Ultimate Team transfer market. The Playstation market is the biggest overall, which means that a combined-platform market would likely follow a similar trend to this year’s PS FUT market – so Xbox players, kiss goodbye to those bargains… A combined market would also mean the SBCs would be priced more fairly, depending on your platform this year, you might have had to pay more/less to pick up all the players you required.

The FUT servers might also encounter a few issues. We’re used to things getting a bit ropey around a big promotion like Team of the Year, but unless EA improves their infrastructure, we can expect things to get a bit worse.

Of course though, what we’re all looking forward to is the bridge that is about to be built between our brothers-in-FIFA-arms on Playstation, Xbox and PC. Now, our Pro Clubs teams will swell in numbers, as we get to digitally reconnect with our friends who we only see in-person (come on, that is so 2019).

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