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FIFA 23: what we want to see in FUT

Written by Stakester
25 Apr, 2022

As TOTS approaches, FIFA fans’ thoughts turn to next season: when is FIFA 23 coming out? What new features will we get? Here’s the deep dive you need into the new game.

FIFA 22 has been a ride! With new promo content almost every week, there has never been a FUT season with so many usable top tier players. EA Sports take a lot of heat (rightly, for the most part) from FIFA fans, but the sheer volume of broken players has been amazing this season.

Otherwise, the game has been dogged by bad servers, the usual gameplay issues and the dreaded 0-0 quit (more on that later!) But, it has been a top year with some hall of fame cards added to the game. Next season looks set to be even better, with some amazing cards set for OTW and some exciting game updates. So ahead of the FIFA 23 release date, let’s take a look at the most exciting updates.

Taking back the W

This one’s big for FUT Champs players: there is nothing more annoying than someone quitting with the scores tied. The game ends, they take the L but you don’t get the win. It’s the ultimate spite move and EA Sports seem set to finally do something about it.

Next season, those quitters will have no option but to give you the win when they bail out of a game. That means no more battling back from 2-0 down for nothing! Unless you lose anyway, of course. 

Ones to watch for OTW

OTW is always an exciting promo at the start of the FIFA cycle, with newly transferred players eligible for massive upgrades. It’s hard to know who to be the most excited about this year, so here’s the shortlist of top talent looking to make a big impression for their new teams:


If this man joins Manchester City next season, then god help the rest of the Premier League! He’s not exactly made for Ultimate Team, but he’ll be decent in the early game before the first patch. With super strength and a rocket of a shot, he’ll do some proper damage before the pacier promo defenders drop into the game.


He may be the most rogue CB in the Premier League, but nobody can doubt Antonio Rudiger’s ability. He’s been immense for Chelsea during the Thomas Tuchel era, but now he’s off to sunny Spain to join Eder Militao and David Alaba in the centre of Real Madrid’s defence.  

His gold card was one of the best cheap defenders in the early game, and his TOTS Honourable Mention is a beast, so we can expect a strong base card. His OTW is very likely to be upgraded, so he could be a strong early investment. 


The main event! This man will bring La Liga to the forefront of FUT, giving players a pacey, tricky, glitchy option up front. He’s bound to bang in the goals, so he’s going to get upgraded quickly and often. If you pull this card early it’ll set you up for the whole season.

World Cup Mode

The news that FIFA 23 will include not one, but two World Cup modes is a big step forward in football gaming. But what does it mean for FUT? Will we get two separate Qatar-themed DLC expansions, or will we see World Cup players added to FUT? We’ll have to wait and see.

Cross play 

In a huge change for FIFA games, cross play is arriving for FIFA 23! But, rumours are swirling that this will only be available for Next Gen players, causing confusion among the player base. 

In terms of FUT, we can expect this to have a huge impact on the transfer market. Whether it’s one unified market for everyone, or a Next Gen cross play market and an old gen market, only one thing is for sure: things are going to change.

We’ll be updating this piece with new leaks and info as it comes out, so make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with all of the latest FIFA news.

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