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FIFA 23: Here are 13 new features coming to the game 

Written by Stakester
6 Sep, 2022

FIFA 23 looks as if it’s going to have the most new features we’ve ever seen in a new FIFA game!

When EA Sports release a new FIFA game, it’s usually a case of “can I copy your homework but change it a bit”; each FIFA is just a slightly different version of the previous game. But, FIFA 23 looks as if it’s going to change that cycle – we have so many new features arriving in the game that we all might need to pay attention to the tutorials this year! Here are 13 of our favourite features that we’ll be seeing in FIFA 23.


Penalties have been a bit lacklustre for years now, and to top it off, they are quite inconsistent too. Things like stamina can impact your performance from 12 yards, and you often find that replicating the same placement and power can result in totally different outcomes. 

This year, penalties will be much easier, and much more intuitive. You’ll be able to pinpoint your ball flight, and you won’t lose accuracy even if you want to use max power for a top corner effort.

Better offside awareness

You’d be hard pressed to find something more annoying than playing unreal build up play, only to realise your perfect lofted through-ball is wasted thanks to the AI’s zero football IQ. In FIFA 23, that shouldn’t be an issue, as the AI will actually hold their runs if they’re at risk of straying offside.

Ball dummy 

How many times have you found yourself screaming at the TV screen, as your exquisite pass to a player through on goal is intercepted by your own player? It’s infuriating, but EA are giving us the solution, you’ll now be able to dummy the ball and let it roll through to another player. This will also be great for getting the drop on your opponents!

Power Shot

We’ve seen power shots before in FIFA, but this one promises to trump everything we’ve seen in the past. This high-risk high-reward mechanic will see you score some absolute bangers.

Free kicks

This one is going to take a lot of practice, but in the long run, it’ll be great for bagging those free kick goals. You’ll now be able to see just how the ball is going to move thanks to a “preview” line, as well as being able to choose where on the ball you want to strike.

Corner system

Just like free kicks, corners will be much improved this year. In the past, corners were basically just a hit and hope, you didn’t have much control over the ball. Now, you’ll need to ensure your placement is precise, or the defending team will clear their lines very easily.

Hard slide tackles

This inclusion will be great for the classic “let him know you’re there” tactic. Hard slide tackles will be great for those crunching, last ditch attempts to get the ball – they’ll also mean we’ll be seeing a lot more cards this year!

Playable highlights

This one is great for those players who don’t have the time to be playing full games in the offline modes. Playable highlights mean you’ll be able to skip the majority of the game, and jump into the action when your team is on the attack/defence.

EA Social

It was often quite clunky and difficult to get into a game with your mates in FIFA 22, and that was only going to get worse with this year’s crossplay feature. SO EA have created EA Social, meaning you can save the lift of your mates who you want to play with most, and jump into the action seamlessly.

Player personality 

Compared to other games with player career modes, FIFA has lacked when it comes to off-field activities. But FIFA 23 is going to change that; you’ll now have a player personality, which you develop based on how you behave off the pitch.

MVP Pro Clubs screen

If you’re a fan of Pro Clubs, you’ll know one of the best parts of the game mode is the arguments on mic over who is playing the best/worst. Those arguments are going to be put to bed (or potentially turned up a notch) by the inclusion of a Most Valuable Player screen after each game, where the top 5 players from the match will have their stats shown off to the two squads. Imagine being the only player from your team not to make the MVP list… RIP.

World Cup mode

This is the mode that everyone is excited for, but it’s also the mode we know the least about. So far, it looks like we’re going to get a totally free to play Ultimate Team game mode, with a whole host of World Cup players.

Goalkeeper line of sight

Goalies in FIFA are often monsters, and come rain or shine, they’ll always perform to the same standard. But in FIFA 23, they’re about to be nerfed massively – they’ll no longer be able to parry any shot effortlessly. Instead, if another player obstructs their vision, their chances of getting a glove to the ball become much thinner. This is probably going to frustrate FIFA players, but it’s definitely more realistic.

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