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FIFA 23 leaks: FIFA 23 trailer tease and Park Ji-Sung?

Written by Stakester
22 Jul, 2022

This week, the FIFA 23 trailer dropped, and it’s given us a lot of insight into how the game will play!

We’re bringing you an end-of-week roundup of all the latest FIFA 23 leaks! The FIFA 23 trailer dropped this week, and EA Sports gave us a few hints about the new features which will feature in the upcoming game.

Hypermotion 2

In the run up to the release date of FIFA 22, there was a lot of hype (pardon the pun) about the all new ‘Hypermotion’ engine that would be powering the game. EA developed the software by tracking the movements of players across hundreds of games to add to the realism of the football sim game. Ahead of FIFA 23, it is now confirmed that Hypermotion 2 technology will be added to the game’s graphics, meaning that we’re going to see tons of new player animations, including skill moves, in comparison to what we’ve seen before! 

Dynamic weather

Next up was a nod to the brand new dynamic weather. This is one that will definitely add to the realism of the game – especially in those late evening European Cup kick-offs. Not the most exciting addition to the game, but would we really be English if we didn’t get excited about the weather? 

New free kick mechanic

We’ll also see a return to a freekick mechanic that has more visual cues. In recent years, freekicks have depended on you committing the left and right stick controls to memory, but now, we’ll have a few visual aids which will show the start of the ball’s flight path. For those ‘hit and hope’ merchants out there, you’ll no longer have an excuse to not bend in free kicks like Roberto Carlos!

New wall options

Alongside the improvements to how we take freekicks in the game, we’ll also have more ways to defend against them. The obvious one from the trailer is the ability to have a player lie down behind the wall to stop those low driven shots. This addition is very on-brand for today’s football – but if you’re anything like Roy Keane, you’ll probably be blowing a fuse over this one…

World Cup tease

We’ve known for a while that the World Cup will be a feature of the upcoming Ultimate Team game mode, but it’s been officially confirmed thanks to the inclusion of the FIFA World Cup Trophy in all of its golden glory. Details are few and far between at the moment, but we know that the promotion will include a free-to-play mode which will see you build stacked teams without the need for FIFA Points.

Back control 

This is one straight out of Hypermotion 2! Towards the end of the trailer, we see an all new animation where a player controls the ball with her back and then gets an assist for an elite goal. It’s unknown whether you’ll be able to pull this one off on purpose, or if you can only trigger the animation in certain situations – but it now adds even more utility to the 11 players on the pitch.

Park Ji-Sung

EA are granting every FIFA players wish to have Park Ji-Sung back in the game! He’ll have a FUT Hero card for his time at Man United, and amazingly, he could be the first player in FIFA history to receive 100 stamina! He’s definitely a card you’ll be looking to add to your squad as soon as possible.

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