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FIFA 23 leaks: new shooting mechanic announced

Written by Stakester
19 Jul, 2022

The latest FIFA 23 leaks is that we will receive new shooting mechanics, as well as changes to weak foot ability.

FIFA 23 leaks are starting to come so quickly that we almost can’t keep up with them! Twitter has been very active over the last few days with news of new features coming to the game, including a new shooting mechanic, and it’s looking like they’ll help to revolutionise the final FIFA before we all make the jump to EA Sports FC!

Power Shot

First up is a brand new shooting mechanic, which @fut_camp promises to be a high-risk, high-reward mechanic. It’s reportedly going to be ‘fully manual’, but at this stage, we aren’t sure just how that will work out – whether it just requires accurate left-stick aiming, or an all new goal-mouth targeting system is yet to be seen!

Weak foot updates

In every FIFA game to date, weak foot ability has only impacted finishing. But, with the arrival of FIFA 23, we will see weak foot also have an effect on skill moves and running with the ball. Having a run spoiled by low weak foot ability is definitely going to be frustrating, but it will add to the realism of the game and reduce the amount of skill spamming that you see in the game. 

The changes to weak foot will see player usability change, therefore, in Ultimate Team 4 star weak foot (and above) players will skyrocket in price. Whereas you may be able to pick up some great players at cutthroat prices if their left peg isn’t up to scratch!

Career Mode authentic managers

Here’s one for the players who love a bit of realism, in FIFA 23 you’ll be able to take your favourite manager to managerial success. You’ll be able to control the careers of the likes of Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho, then cement them as some of the best names in the history of the game!

The cover stars

Mbappe has secured his third consecutive year as a cover star of the world’s most famous football simulation. But, the biggest news is that Sam Kerr is about to become the first female player to appear on the global cover of a FIFA game!

The fall of legends

At 92 overall, Mbappe is reportedly going to be the highest rated base card in the game, which could mean that for the first time since 2007, Messi or Ronaldo will not be the highest rated player/s in the game!

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