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FIFA 23 Leaks: Qatar World Cup content in November?

Written by Stakester
14 Apr, 2022

Whether we get more bootleg content like Euro 2020 MOTM players in FUT 21, or official Qatar World Cup DLC, we’ll be getting some seriously juiced cards early in the game cycle.

We’re heading into uncharted territory for FIFA 23 with a mid season World cup on the way. Qatar 2022 kicks off on November 21st, giving us all around three months to get good at FIFA 23 before the World Cup content arrives. But, what’s it going to look like? Here’s all of the FIFA 23 leaks and rumors around the Qatar World Cup.

DLC or more MOTMs?

After FIFA the game failed to secure the rights for Euro 2020, we had to make do with some seriously boring FUT content. It made us all long for the glory days of Russia 2018, with a full downloadable World Cup version of the game. You could play through the tournament as any of the national teams vs the AI, or get involved in the WC-themed Ultimate Team.

With no transfer market, you didn’t have access to all of the game modes we know and love. But, it brought some variety at the end of the game cycle and it allowed you to plug into World Cup fever on FIFA. That’s more than we can say for Euro 2020, when the best we got were mostly unusable MOTM cards. Fingers crossed for a full DLC add-on!

What does it mean for the power curve?

The power curve has been a focus of discussion this season: on the one hand, it feels like there have never been this many usable cards at this stage in the game cycle, which is a W. On the other hand, the strength of the power curve meant that many gold cards were only usable for the first month or so of the game.

But how EA Sports handle this in FIFA 23 is the big question: if it’s a DLC, then the market is unaffected – but there’s also no new content they can drop in the game. If they choose to release weekly, World Cup-themed cards in FUT, then we’ll get full god tier players before it’s even time for TOTY. 

World Cup players would surely be very valuable on the market, due to their rarity and novelty – which could undercut TOTY prices, or explode the market so they are EVEN HARDER to afford. 

Content Kings & Queens

Givemesport reported earlier this year that upon FIFA 23’s release, we’re going to get two world cup modes in FIFA 23. For the first time ever, both the men’s and women’s Word Cups will feature in the game. Australia 2023 will be a playable event, more likely to come later in the season.

So, with two extra DLC options, FIFA 23 looks set to provide more variety than usual. As always, the only question that remains is whether they’re able (or willing!) to fix the gameplay issues that have plagued the franchise since FIFA 21. We’ll shut up about that now though.

Cross play is coming

Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC players will be able to face off against each other next season – meaning more matches should be available than ever before. In all honesty, we’re likely to see some teething problems across Pro Clubs, FUT Champions and all of the popular game modes, but crossplay is a massive step forward so we are here for it.

Once again, we’re expecting a huge pre-launch with extra benefits for EA Play subscribers: so make sure you get your preorders in! The early access to the web app and transfer market is crucial: with heavier packs in the first week you can get some massive pulls and set yourself up to make some serious coins before the wider community arrives in-game.

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