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FIFA 23 Marvel crossover: leaks confirm the partnership?

Written by Stakester
28 Jul, 2022

There is huge hype around the upcoming FIFA game, and a FIFA 23 Marvel partnership is only adding to that!

When thinking of football, the first images that you conjure in your head are probably Messi, Ronaldo or Maradonna – not Captain America, Hulk and Black Panther. However, recent leaks have suggested that there could be a Marvel feature in the upcoming FIFA 23 game. This one is like marmite; you’re either going to love it, or hate it.

FIFA 23 Marvel leaks

@FUT23News was one of the bigger names to cover this news, and in a Tweet they confirmed that this was confirmed by EA Sports. Now, that isn’t strictly true, but an image which looks like it was taken from the FIFA website has been doing the rounds – and it’s definitely got people talking!

Wider information around the leak is suggesting that any Marvel crossover will be appearing alongside Hero cards in FIFA Ultimate Team 23’s World Cup Mode. It’s likely that we’ll just receive cosmetics, like kits, tifos and other stadium additions – but, let’s not write off the possibility of having The Hulk in your midfield just yet…

Another potential is that we will see variations of player artworks, where some of the top names in football will have their own superhero twist for their imagery. Aubameyang is obviously an ideal candidate thanks to his Black Panther mask celebration. But, we could also see Pulisic receive a Captain America twist, or even Niklas Stark getting his own Iron Man shoutout.

It would definitely be one of FIFA’s biggest partnerships yet, and we’re definitely looking forward to how this potential partnership is going to unfold.
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