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FIFA 23 Out of Position Promo: Meta Links

Written by Stakester
28 Oct, 2022

Find out the best popular meta links to all of the new Out of Position promo cards from this week’s position change team.

Welcome to your one-stop information shop for the FIFA 23 Out of Position Promo. This article has everything you need to find out which cards will fit your team the best. 

Mohammed Salah

Alt positions: CF & LW

Is he lengthy? No, but who cares? 92 pace, 91 dribbling and 92 shooting means he’ll be an absolute weapon.

Price tier: he’s the headline card in the promo, so he’s going to be pricey. His TOTW is around 500k, so this card will likely be worth around 1 million coins.

Links: You’ll need a heavy Premiership contingent in your squad to get him on full chem. Rulebreakers Thiago is a top tier link, as is RTTK Konate.

Joao Cancelo

Alt positions: RWB and CDM

Is he lengthy? No, but again, who cares?!

Price tier: with 87 pace, dribbling and passing, plus 84 defending – this is an amazing CDM or RWB item. That versatility means he can be useful in a 5-back, so any 5-2-2-1 merchants can use him too. We think he’s stealthily the best card in the promo and his price will reflect that. 1 million coins plus. 

Links: if you run Portuguese players, Renato Sanches or Ronaldo obviously offer links. He’s got the all-important Haaland link too. Perfect links are harder to come by, but cheaper! Bernardo Silva and Ruben Dias can be yours for 25k each.  

Theo Hernandez

Alt positions: LM, ST and RW

Is he lengthy? No, the agility boost he is set to receive will mean that he cannot be lengthy. This will massively affect his price on Next Gen.

Price tier: mid: he can play anywhere across the front, which is a huge boost: he’ll be the best French winger in the game bar Mbappe and Ginola, who are much more expensive. 250k-ish.  

Links: being French is always meta. He links with top players from all of the top 5 leagues, but perfect links include Mike Maignan and IF Giroud (only for the real ones!). Otherwise, he’ll get links from every top tier French card in existence. 

Reece James

Alt positions: RM & ST

Is he lengthy? With the right chem-style! Architect or Anchor is the best bet. 

Price tier: less than Theo. He’s a cheaper option compared to the best Prem right wing Salah. But, with great physicals and shooting he could be a real handful up front. When the dust settles, expect to spend around 250k. 

Links: if you did OTW Sterling you’re in the money! There are also some real top tier options with Rulebreakers Havertz for 350k and RTTK Aubameyang for an eye watering 600k plus. 

Seko Fofana

Alt positions: LB & CDM

Is he lengthy? Yes, without a chem style so you can customise him however you like.

Price tier: That CB position change is a huge W! The stats mean he’d be the most well-rounded CB in the French league. That LB position means you can squeeze an extra CM into your squad and then switch to a back 3 in-game. If he’s as good as he looks, he’ll be expensive: 500k plus.

Links: French League and the Ivory Coast. Yaya gets the hero links and Kessie or Drogba will get you a +1 too. 


Positions: CAM, RB, RM and RW

Is he lengthy? With an architect.

Price tier: mid, maybe 100-200k coins. He’s going to be a serious all-rounder, a midfielder who can dribble and offers something in defence and attack. Expect to see him all over Weekend League: he’s our call for the perfect promo card: affordable and solid in-game. GGs EA. 

Links: Perfect link to Son, plus a normal link to Luka “Bazooka” Modric (whatever you think about this FIFA, we’re just so glad he’s usable). Plus the obvious Premiership links.

H. Traore

Positions: CDM, RM and RW

Is he lengthy? No, but he’s still good. This isn’t a Vini Jr. situation.

Price tier: His stats are insane for a CDM – we love the fact that EA have acknowledged how great full backs play in the centre in-game. Top tier pace, passing and physicals mean he will be an absolute rock. But, his links let him down badly and that is sure to affect his price: mid, maybe 200k.

Links: French league and not a lot else. A midfield partnership with Renato Sanches sounds great, but he’ll be stuck on 2 chem. 


Positions: ST, CF, CAM and CM

Is he lengthy? Sadly not, but it would suit his IRL playstyle.

Price tier: He has four possible positions, but they all see him starting in the middle. This is a bit of a meh card for us – anyone who used his TOTS item at the end of FIFA 22 knows that he just doesn’t fulfil on his promise. He has 90 dribbling, but dribbling is firmly stuck in the mud – he’s just not built for the game the way it is. We’re calling it, 100k max. 

Links: Serie A is strong this year, so he gives great links to cheap promo cards like Rulebreakers Bonucci and starter cards like Tonali. You could slot him in with a Dybala or Rafael Leao, but would that really light your fire?


Positions: CB, CDM

Is he lengthy? Yes. Very.

Price tier: Good Dutch and Serie A links mean he’s versatile. His stats make him look like a very solid CB option, but he hasn’t got God tier pace or passing which will count against him. We think he’ll come in around 150k, but will play better than that price in-game.

Links: Barella and Dzeko spring to mind for perfect links, as do Frenkie and VVD for Dutch links. You’ll need to have a solid Serie A base to make him work, but if you can bed him into your squad he’ll bring a lot of heart. 


Positions: LM, LW, CF

Is he lengthy? No, but he doesn’t have to be.

Price tier: This one’s going to be high end, he’s basically a Kante who can shoot. The physicals look a bit low, but you have the feeling he’ll be a monster in-game. 400-600k for us – and we might be lowballing him. 

Links: Brazil and Premier League links mean you can get him in alongside Gabriel Jesus, POTM Rashford or even Antony. The soft link to Haaland never hurts either.

The FodderBin:

Let’s face it, every promo has those guys that aren’t even worth writing about – and FIFA 23’s Out of Position promo is no different. Plus, it’s getting late and we can’t think of a way to make Suso sound good. 

  • Vazquez: pace is great, but he’s too weak to play in CDM.
  • Suso: just… why? Pace isn’t what it used to be, but it’s hard to see what niche this guy fills in the game. 
  • Sow: so hard to link it’s not even worth it. His stats look good but unless you run a full Bundesliga team it just isn’t worth it. He’s the one who got away. 

Mazraoui: just not doing it for us. Though, a strong link to De Ligt is worth a mention.

That sums up our list for the best META links in FIFA 23 Out of Position promo. See if you can fit any of these into your team for a guaranteed boost in quality!

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