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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: best lengthy striker build (early game) 

Written by Stakester
1 Nov, 2022

We’ve got the perfect lengthy striker build for you to use in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs!

The craze surrounding lengthy players this year is insane, and Pro Clubs is well and truly a victim to the lengthy META. We’ve got a breakdown of how you should distribute your stats and attributes to unlock the lengthy boost in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. It is worth noting that you’ll need around 75 skill points to build this player, so our advice for players in the earlier stages of Clubs is to stick to FIFA 22 style builds – think 5’6 winger playing as a striker, lots of points funnelled into pace, dribbling and finishing. Once you earn enough skill points, switch to this Haaland-esque mega build!

The lengthy striker build

Position: striker. Whereas in the early game you need to stick to LW/RW for extra pace, the lengthy boost means you can take the pace hit of a striker.

Height: 6’2. Unlike in older versions of FIFA, being above 6 feet in this game is actually effective!

Weight: 198lb. A beast, there’s no chance this Pro Club player gets past UK Anti-Doping in the real world.


Skilled dribbler: improves dribbling and grants the flair trait.

Active first touch: an obvious choice as it improves ball control, acceleration and sprint speed.

Skill Points

Physical: apply one skill point to strength, and one to reactions. This should take you up to 84 strength and 85 reactions.

Defending: leave this skill tree empty.

Dribbling: leave agility empty, as having a strength rating 15 points above agility is the key to getting the lengthy trait. But, go ahead and max out your dribbling, as well as put a point into each of the balance, attacking position and ball control stats.

Passing: leave this empty and focus on your finishing.

Shooting: use skill points on 2X shot power and 1X weak foot ability on the left skill tree. And on the right skill tree, max out your weak foot ability.

Pace: use 3 skill points on your sprint speed, and then unlock the Cheetah Archetype with the rest of your skill points. This should leave you with 85 acceleration and 90 pace.

As soon as you unlock more skill points, be sure to max out your pace for the most OP lengthy striker build in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs!

Give it a go

As soon as you’ve got 75 skill points to play with, give this lengthy striker build a go! It’s incredibly fun to play with such a beast in the game, and mixes things up compared to playing with small and nippy strikers in the past.
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