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FIFA 23 leaks: release date confirmed, crossplay, new heroes

Written by Stakester
6 Jun, 2022

It’s official, EA Sports FIFA 23 will be released this September. Plus, we’ve got Crossplay & new FUT Heroes leaks! Thanks to @FUTDonk, @FUTZone and journalist Tom Henderson for all the info.

Ready for some juicy leaks? The FIFA 23 hype train is leaving the station, with details on the release date, new FUT Heroes and Crossplay details already out there. Here’s our roundup of this week’s FIFA 23 leaks:

FIFA’s last dance

The final instalment of the FIFA gaming franchise will be released at the end of September. We’re getting the usual release across different consoles, with all of our favourite game modes set to be retained for FIFA 23. 

There will, of course, be no FIFA 24: it’ll be EA Sports FC by then. With free to play rivals like UFL being released this year, the competition will be fierce. Will the franchise be supported by its audience? We’ll have to wait and see.

King of the cover

It’s no surprise that the golden boy of world football is set to grace the cover once again. With the Qatar World Cup taking place within the game cycle, it’s hardly a surprise that the most marketable man in Paris is taking centre stage.

Does this mean that he’ll be the most glitched player in the game again? Probably. Did EA have to shell out millions, give him the keys to the office and agree to release a new, Mbappe-based promo every week in order to stay? Your guess is as good as ours!  

Need a hero?

FUT Heroes were one of the most popular additions to FIFA 23, with a whole new stable of top players we can all lust after, but probably never pack. We actually pulled Ginola from one of the first Hero SBCs, so we weren’t complaining! (We also put him in an Icon SBC and got Pirlo, but we won’t talk about that).

But, there’s a new system for Heroes coming to FUT 23 which will make them “progressive”. The community was very excited when FUT Captains was released this year, but hopes of heroes being upgraded were quickly dashed as it was revealed to be a new promo. Next season, it looks like we’ll be able to upgrade our hero items as we go – which sounds pretty great!

Release the Kraken!

The big Norwegian is the first, confirmed hero for FUT 23. He’s an LB, but this card has CDM written all over it. We think 87 shooting is a little on the stingy side, so let’s hope he is upgradeable and that can rise. 

There’s so much potential for iconic club legends to be included in Heroes promos, so we’re super happy to see a player like Riise – who was quality, but rarely features in discussions of all-time greats – included from the start. One for the Liverpool fans!

Your friendly neighbourhood FIFA Points

Nobody loves FIFA points, but if you purchase the Ultimate Edition and get early market access through EA play, you can get ahead of the game. Once again, by pre-ordering, you’ll get 4600 of them for free. 

If FIFA 22 is anything to go by, the pack weight in the early game will be so heavy that Aleksander Mitrovic would stay late in the gym just to open them. We’re not telling you how to spend your money, but this year we packed three De Bruynes and a Pogba in that early rush, netting around 500k. Worth it.

Cross play checklist

As has been speculated, crossplay will only be available on next gen consoles – PS5 and Xbox Series. It will be available for all game modes, which should be a massive help for overlooked modes like pro clubs. Maybe now, it’ll finally get the love it deserves.

The big one is the single, unified transfer market. It’s hard to say how this will change the market, but Xbox and PC players can say goodbye to cheaper prices and that smug sense of superiority. You’re in the mud with the rest of us now!

The old lady is back

Only a small update, but an important one for Juve supporters. The club is back in the game, having ended their partnership with PES (shocker). No more Piemonte Calcio, no more weird kits, order is restored.

How the Super League-backing Italian superclub ever thought that a partnership with an underdog game was a good idea, we don’t know. But either way, they’re back where they belong – in the big leagues with the big money. 

Gameplay gains?

Obviously, the question on everyone’s lips is: will they fix any gameplay issues? Or, will FIFA 23 be FIFA 21 with a facelift? It’s too early to tell, but we hope so!

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