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FIFA 23: top five FUT 23 Strikers to buy for under 100k

Written by Stakester
21 Oct, 2022

Get one of these FUT 23 Strikers into your team ahead of this weekend for under 100k!

People say that defence wins you titles, but at the end of the day, your team is only as good as your strikers! It’s important to have players up the top end of the pitch that are firing on all cylinders, and if that’s something you’re lacking, then we’ve got the answer! These players might not be as good as Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe, but they’re definitely the top 5 FUT 23 strikers that can rack up your goal tally, for less than 100k coins!


We’re starting off the list with a slightly different selection. We all know that lengthy is the META this year, and that’s something that Correa is not. However, his sprint speed, dribbling and shooting are unbelievable and even though he’s a RM, he has no problems playing as a striker! If you’re not looking to have him as your starting striker, he can make an amazing impact substitute too.


This man is incredibly cheap for the calibre of player he is. Just like the majority of the attacking FUT Hero cards, his finishing is next level, his dribbling is solid and physical means he won’t be bullied off the ball. At 61k, he’s a steal.


We’re following up Milito with another FUT Hero, Gomez. This card has ridiculous finishing, and has the added bonus of being lengthy to start with – that means you can put a hunter on him to boost his already decent 83 pace. The kicker with this card is his great links in the Bundesliga.


There’s no two ways around it, Robert Lewandowski is a fantastic addition to most FIFA Ultimate Team squads. In our opinion, he’s undervalued (which might be down to the fact he’s Polish and has fewer links). But as the joint highest rated striker in our list, with 91 finishing and 86 dribbling, he’s a must have for anyone running a La Liga team.


And our number one choice is Karim Benzema; his dribbling feels super refreshed in comparison to how he normally plays on FIFA, and his finishing is elite level too. For a rare gold card, he still feels just as good as his Flashback card from FIFA 22. He’s hands down the best striker in the game for under 100k, and of course he has brilliant links too!

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That rounds out our list of the top 5 FUT 23 strikers for under 100k. Get one or more of these players in your team ready for FUT Champs this weekend, and you’ll guarantee yourself goals!

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