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FIFA 23 trailer release: roundup of all new features

Written by Stakester
27 Jul, 2022

The leaks and rumours are over, the FIFA 23 trailer has dropped, and now we know all of the upcoming features of FIFA 23!

Thanks to the release of the FIFA 23 trailer, any doubts about the improvements to the next FIFA are over. We’ve put together this piece so that you can get all the info you need without having to watch – the very lengthy – trailer!

Hypermotion 2

Hypermotion 2 is one of those things that EA Sports hypes – but a lot of us don’t actually understand what it does. The creators have developed a way of capturing motion from an 11 vs 11 competitive game, and implementing machine learning to make every game of FIFA feel more real than ever before. 

Hypermotion 2 is going to give us over 6000 new true-to-football animations, so the players you control will move like the real deal. The digital tracking of real pro players is going to bring us Power Shots (more on that later), as well as improved keeper mechanics and 1v1s that are even more intense – not so great for the sticky control pad!

Women’s club football

EA have gone out of their way to add the authenticity that women’s football deserves in FIFA 23. You’ll now be able to play club football with some of the top female talent in the game – including England’s semi-final winning Lioness players. On top of that, Hypermotion 2 (yes, they really love bringing this one up) will see different running styles used for the women’s game, which will bring a much welcome difference to the game. 


The trailer has promised that dribbling will feel different as soon as you launch the new game. Any feeling of clunkiness will evaporate right away, with a much more responsive and smooth dribbling mechanic taking the place of FIFA 22’s model – the defenders will already be shaking in their boots.


Machine learning is also revamping the jockeying mechanic. In previous FIFA’s, it was impossible to jockey effectively without having an attacker glide past you; now, a much more intelligent jockey system is being implemented, which will have miles better lateral movement and change of direction – so hopefully we won’t be getting embarrassed in defence any more!


The one-size-fits-all acceleration that has been a feature of every FIFA to date has been kicked into touch. Instead, there will be three different types of acceleration: controlled, explosive and lengthy. 

Controlled acceleration is most similar to what we’ve been used to so far, with players gradually reaching top speed – but this often left defenders and ‘slower’ midfielders lacking. Now, we’ll also have Explosive acceleration, which is going to be ideal for those types of players who have that quick turn of pace in midfield, but might not be able to keep up with a winger in a sprint. For defenders, lengthy acceleration will have the most impact, and you’ll notice that when taller players with a big stride get going, you’ll have a hard time outrunning them.

Run styles 

We’ve seen a few different running styles enter the game in previous years, but we’re set to see even more when FIFA 23 launches. Exciting players like Vini Junior will have their unique runs in the game – and you’ll probably see Haaland steam rolling around in his brand new City kit too!


Attacking updates are always the most exciting part of a new game, and we’ve got two solid additions to look forward to. Power shooting is going to be a high risk, high reward way to finish, and will see you taking a longer run-up to strike the ball, but you’ll rip the net if you pull it off. Composed ball striking will allow you to take silky touches to set yourself for incredible finishes too.

Set pieces

With every change to set pieces, there is always a bit of an outcry from FIFA fans – but we think these are some solid improvements. Penalties are about to become much more intuitive, with the introduction of a composure gauge that, if you pull off, allows you to apply even more power, without losing precision when going for the top bins. 

As for free kicks, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where you want to strike the dead ball, whilst also having a guiding line which shows you where the ball flight will be. World famous free kicks, like that Payet goal against Palace, will be well within reach.

On the defending end of a free kick, you’ll also have the option to lie a player down behind the wall. So you’ve got no excuse for conceding low driven free kicks any more!


With so many improvements to attacking, you might be worrying about how to defend in FIFA 23. But the developers have ensured that you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve on the back foot too; power sliding is a great way to put a stop to players taking too much time with their power shots (or get yourself a red card if you’re not careful…) and there’ll also be new animations that mean the best of defenders will be able to throw themselves into tackles to get a last ditch toe on the ball.


In the goalkeeping department, reaction time is going to have a massive overhaul. Now, you’ll have less chance of saving efforts if your goalkeeper’s vision is blocked – but you’ll find it much easier to come and collect a ball if your keeper’s vision is unaffected.

This one is a bit of an extra – for those world class fingertip saves, your goalkeepers fingers will now actually bend with the contact of the ball. Similarly, if a defender blocks a ball, there’ll be much more movement in their limbs. This will really add to the realism of the game, but whether you catch these minute animations mid-game is a different matter…

Skill moves

And finally, Skill Moves. It’s always great to have even more ways to skin a defender, and EA have delivered. Left foot skill moves are now a part of the game, which means players who are dominant with their left foot, like Mahrez, will be able to play much more naturally.

Hypermotion 2 has also improved feinting, which means that players will be able to send defenders to the shops much more easily with sleight of hand movements!

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