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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Trailer: new features arriving soon!

Written by Stakester
11 Aug, 2022

FUT updates are always exciting, so check out what is coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team trailer is hot off the press! We’ve pulled together a quick deep dive into all of the updates that EA Sports are going to add to the upcoming game.

FUT Moments

First in the FUT 23 reveal trailer is a brand new way to play Ultimate Team, and it’s definitely one of the most exciting additions. FUT Moments allows you to play bitesize scenarios, such as scoring a freekick, completing a comeback and even scoring with your goalkeeper, in return for Stars. The Stars can then be used to redeem rewards like player items and packs. 

FUT Moments will include fictional scenarios, as well as recreate famous moments from the real-life pitch. It’s going to be a great way to play the game and keep up with your mates, even if you only have a few minutes to spare per day.

Chemistry Redefined

The new chemistry system promises to allow more variety than ever before – how are EA doing this? There are NO CHEMISTRY LINES! They’ve done away with the old system of only linking players to their teammates who are directly next to them in the lineups. Now, players can link across the entire pitch, regardless of position.

Chemistry is going to be ranked from 0-3, but amazingly, if your player has 0 chemistry, they won’t be penalised like in other games – they’ll simply play with their base stats. Additionally, most players will have a secondary position (or three), and you’ll be able to use position modifiers to switch sides of the pitch for the first time ever (e.g. right back to left back).

Icons and Heroes also have special chemistry – they will always have full chemistry as long as they’re in the correct position. Icons will also count as 2 players for their nation, while Heroes will count as 2 players for their league, meaning your other players will have chem boosts if they’re in the squad.

Cross Play features

Finally, you’ll be able to claim the bragging rights over your mates on other consoles now, as cross play is coming to all 1v1 modes. Cross play also means one singular, global transfer market – you can imagine this one is going to have some teething problems, with more market manipulation (so expect some crazy prices here and there).


In slightly less exciting news, we now have more customisation options – so you’ll be able to go wild with animated tifos and even changes to stadium roofs. EA Sports are promising a big step up in comparison to FIFA 22.

World Cup 

The World Cup mode was officially confirmed during the eight minute trailer! However, they’re remaining tight-lipped about the project up to now, but our money is on it being a game changer.

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