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FIFA 23 Web App – the 3 best ways to use it ahead of FUT

Written by Stakester
22 Sep, 2022

Get the jump on your FIFA Ultimate Team 23 opponents with these useful web app tips!

We’re now just days away from getting our hands on FIFA 23 – so it won’t be long before we all wave goodbye to our social lives in favour of Ultimate Team. But, did you know that by downloading the Web App, you can get a headstart on the competition ahead of the 30th of September release date. You’re not going to be able to play any games, but some savvy trading could give you an advantage in the brand new FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Check out our following tips on how to best utilise the Web App ahead of the new game.

Squad Building Challenges

Step one is to get all of the starter SBCs done on the Web App. If you’ve splashed out and have bagged yourself the 10 hours early access, the last thing you need is to be wasting time on SBCs, you’ll want to be learning the new mechanics of the game for an edge over your opponents. And if you’re only getting the game upon full release, then you’ll be itching to jump into the real action.

Pro tip: the league and hybrid SBCs have the best, highest value rewards. So, at the start of your game when you’re prompted to choose your league starter pack, make sure you choose a league which is usable in the early league/hybrid SBCs – in short, don’t just use your starter pack to build your starter squad.

Strategies for early trading

The Web App should primarily be used to start making some quick cash. This way, you can kickstart your success when the full game drops. Here are our early trading tips:

  1. Buy average rated players – 80-83 players will be cheaper ahead of the launch of the full game, so stock up early! In the early days of FIFA 23, everyone will be looking to get their starter teams up and running, so these average players will be in high demand – you’ll essentially be able to farm coins.
  2. Keep to the top 6 leagues – Prem, Bundelsiga and Serie A should be the building blocks of your trade strategy. Players from these leagues will naturally increase in value during the first weeks of the game. Use this tip along with tip number 1 and you’ll have a winning formula.
  3. Bid, don’t buy now – if you’re one of those players who starts to twitch towards the buy now button in bidding wars, don’t. It’s much more profitable to wait a few extra seconds than “buying now”. So, have patience young padawan!

Build starter squads

Especially important if you have 10 hours of early access – you can’t waste those precious minutes building squads on your console. Complete any squad building on the companion app, so you can dedicate your full 10 hours to gameplay!

But even without the early access, you’ll still want to be building your starter squad on the FIFA 23 Web App. Building your team before release means you’ll have no teething problems when you launch FUT 23 – there’ll be no playing with a mixed team of silvers and golds with low chem – instead, you’ll be able to jump right into the action and start building your dream team.

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