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FIFA 23 X Marvel: an unlikely collaboration that may work wonders!

Written by Stakester
19 Aug, 2022

Remember the rumours that surfaced of a FIFA 23 FUT and Marvel collab a few moons ago?

Well, it has just become a reality, with EA announcing the partnership earlier this week. Don’t worry though! It’s not as strange as adding Iron Man and Spider-Man as playable footballers.

The collaboration will see some exciting new additions to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team experience, with Marvel contributing original artwork evoking superhero comic covers for the FUT Heroes cards.

Compared to other video games on the market with collectable card modes, the likes of FIFA, NBA 2K22 and MLB The Show 22 have provided some of the least imaginative card art. 

With FIFA 22’s version of the ‘Heroes’ series, created internally, drawing some criticism for lacking the ‘hero’ feeling. Enlisting the help of Marvel to create such cards will add a little more prestige and authenticity to the concept, as they are, after all, the best in the business.

The new roster of real-life footballing legends who’ve been reimagined as their Marvel Comics alter egos, come complete with superpowers relating to defining moments in their respective careers for both club and country.

After initially releasing a line-up of five new Hero cards, including Italy’s Claudio Marchisio, America’s Landon Donovan, Ivory Coast’s Yaya Touré, Portugal’s Ricardo Carvalho, and South Korea’s Park Ji-sung.

EA have today added to the original five, releasing the full line up of 21 Heroes, most notably including Netherland’s Dirk Kuyt, Germany’s Rudi Voller, and our very own 6ft 7 giant Peter Crouch.

Each character’s traits and so-called powers celebrate memorable performances on football’s biggest stage at the FIFA World Cup. Base versions of the heroes will be available at the launch of FIFA 23. And there is also talk of FIFA World Cup FUT specific Hero cards making an appearance at the launch of the World Cup game mode later this year.

The partnership between the two household names will also present a variety of collectible vanity items created for each player, including kits, balls, and even online comic books.

This may not be the only fusion between the two companies either. As it has also been rumoured that EA is working on both Iron Man and Black Panther video games, posing even more excitement for Marvel lovers in the future!

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