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FIFA All Out Attack Tactic. Learn it Now!

Written by Stakester
11 Mar, 2021

You’re 2-0 down in the 80th minute, but we all know that the game isn’t dead yet. That W and the sweet sweet money and prizes are still within reach. Here’s a helping hand to achieve that win with a FIFA all out attack tactic! 

The Formation 

Change to 3-5-2. The wingbacks in this formation will widen your play, allowing the ball to be moved quickly up the field. Having 2 more defensively adept players further up the pitch will also help your pressing.


Defensive style – set to ‘constant pressure’. Your opponent will try to keep the ball and run down the clock, but don’t make this easy for them.

Depth – max out your depth. Have all of your players pushing forward to pressure the ball and win it back in midfield. 

Offensive style – set to ‘fast build up’. This also pushes your players further up the field so you’ll have most of your players attacking the opposition goal.


Everyone but the centre backs should have their instructions set to ‘get forward’ or ‘stay forward’; if you’re a goal or 2 down with 10 minutes to go then it’s time to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the opposition. 

Interceptions – set everyone’s interceptions to ‘aggressive’ to win the ball quickly and keep your opponent under pressure. 

The FIFA All Out Attack Summed Up

This tactic is an all or nothing approach. The all out attack is great for pressuring an opponent when trying to nick a late goal, but it will leave you open at the back; there will be goals, for you or your opponent. 

Bonus tip: save this as your default ‘all out attack’ so you can access it from the D-pad.

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