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FIFA chemistry update: no position modifiers in FIFA 23

Written by Stakester
14 Jun, 2022

Chemistry is seeing some massive changes. There will be no position change cards, instead every player will have a primary and secondary position in FIFA 23.

Ultimate Team’s chemistry rating system has been based on league and nationality for as long as most of us have been playing FIFA. We already wrote about leaks saying that players will have individual chemistry ratings out of three stars in FIFA 23. And we’ve just got another huge FIFA chemistry update!

Chemistry boost or bust?

Position modifiers will soon be a thing of the past! Players will now have primary, secondary (and sometimes tertiary) positions that they are comfortable playing in. That means no more position modifier cards – and we’re all going to have to learn the new way to get that full chemistry stat.

We’re not 100% sure how it will work yet: but take Ronaldinho as an example: he can play LM, LW or CAM. He will most likely get a higher chemistry rating if you play him at LW – probably three stars. But, if you play him at LM or CAM he might only get one or two stars, reducing your team’s overall chemistry rating. 

Similarly, take Cancelo as an option: he’s equally comfortable playing LB or RB (or CM, LM or RM in fairness!) so he has both listed under his preferred position. That means you could play him at RB without compromising his rating or your team’s chemistry.

The clue’s in kick off

FIFA 22’s kick off mode actually provides a clue as to how this might work. If you check player info on anyone in your squad, you’ll see a list of preferred positions. There are usually between 1-3 specific positions that your player will be comfortable with. We can expect this style to be incorporated into player chemistry for FIFA 23.

Presumably, the more players you have in preferred positions, the higher your overall rating will be. But, that still hasn’t answered the question of how players from different leagues and nations will link together? Will it be as simple as playing everyone in the right position? Will chemistry styles play a more important role? Only time will tell. 

The reaction

Whenever anything changes in a huge franchise like FIFA, people hate it. Generally, humans don’t like change, and though the FIFA community is barely human – we are no exception to this rule. Unsurprisingly, the overall reaction to these changes has been negative, with people complaining that they’ve gotten rid of chemistry altogether. 

So, we’re here with the counter argument: right now, everyone runs the same squads throughout the game cycle as new meta players are released. With a looser chemistry system, players should be able to pick more unique squads and still compete in the sweaty modes.

There are definitely question marks over SBCs without positioning cards, and how they will measure stat boosts with this new 3 star system. Perhaps chemistry styles will play a bigger role – but either way, it sounds like an improvement on the FIFA 22 chemistry system. Plus, they had to change something – nobody wants another year of OP French squads ruling FUT. Or do you? Let us know on Twitter.

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