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FIFA + Football Weekly Roundup: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Stakester
28 May, 2021

It’s been a busy week, both real and virtual football have seen some exciting stories crop up. But, we didn’t want you trawling the web to find all of these talking points – that’s why we’ve collected them all here for you. Now you’ll have a few decent conversation starters for when you head to the pub this bank holiday weekend!

Rashford for President?

This week Marcus Rashford met virtually with the 44th US president Barack Obama. The pair spoke about how young people can impact society. The unlikely duo, who have led totally different lives, found common ground in that they were both raised by single mothers. 

Obama praised the Englishman and said “a lot of the young people I meet – including Marcus – they’re ahead of where I was when I was 23” – and on £200,000 a week we should think so too!

Arrivederci Pirlo

The Maestro has left Juventus after a disappointing season in which they scraped into the Champions League on the final day. It’s a shame to see the managerial career of a great player get off to a bad start, but in their parting message, Juventus seemed to be genuinely thankful for his stint as head coach.

The sackings of greats such as Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard and now Andrea Pirlo just go to show that saying “Come on lads, it’s not that hard, I could do it” isn’t the best coaching strategy after all.

Neymar Faces Accusations 

Huge news comes as Nike makes a statement over the termination of their contract with Neymar Jr. The shoe and clothing giant stated that in 2018 they received information about a sexual assault which allegedly took place in 2016, and as the Brazilian footballer would not cooperate in a “good faith investigation” they had no choice but to cut ties with him. 

FIFA 22 Cover Star

FIFPlay are running a fan vote to see who the people want as their cover star for the upcoming FIFA game. So far, it appears that Rihad Mahrez is running away with the vote. Mahrez has captured 42% of the vote and his nearest rival is Liverpool’s Mo Salah on 30%. 

We’ll see how this one turns out, but we all know thing’s go a little crazy when Salah’s countrymen get excited about a vote – like when one million of them voted for him in Egypt’s presidential election…

FIFA 21 Hatred Intensifies

FIFA 21 has received a mixed bag of reviews this year, but now that we’re reaching the end of the game cycle, the criticism has hit fever pitch and FIFA Youtubers and Influencers have had a lot to say on the matter – here’s a collection of a few reviews we’ve seen so far:

Do you agree with NepentheZ? We think FIFA 21 has been no different to previous versions – whether that’s a good thing is up for debate…

Come on, this one is just a bit disrespectful…

Well, at least Manny is looking to the future. Right?

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