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FIFA Quiz: what type of Ultimate Team player are you?

Written by Stakester
17 Feb, 2022

Ever wondered what kind of player you are on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

So why should you take our FIFA quiz? Well, we all like to think of ourselves as the cool-headed pro, who has no problem dealing with the pressure of a 93rd minute penalty that would secure our spot in Rank 1 of FUT Champs.

But the truth is a little different – some of us here have probably gone through enough controllers to be on first name basis with the cashier at Game, and others may as well have a season ticket in Row Z considering how many times we have to retrieve the ball from there!

It’s time to find out who you really are! Enjoy:

EA Sports has done a great job of bringing us all together in a mutual love/hate relationship of their game! FIFA 22 brings us joy and despair and whatever the game mode – whether it’s Pro Clubs, Player Career Mode, Ultimate Team or Volta Football (we don’t condone this choice…) – we all have our own ways of enjoying it. Hopefully our quiz captured part of that!

Disclaimer: the results of this FIFA Ultimate Team quiz are just for laughs, therefore they’re in no way representative of real life – well maybe not if you’re ‘The Emotional One’…

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