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FIFA Street: Our FIFA competitions hit the streets of London

Written by Stakester
16 Nov, 2021

Ever scored a last minute screamer but no one was there to see it? Well, the days of your FIFA talents going unnoticed are firmly behind you; Stakester is taking FIFA 22 to the streets! And we started with one of the most iconic squares in London! 

It was the first event of its kind and it’s safe to say that it won’t be the last that you’ll see of us – we’ll be out and about around London and beyond in the future. We took on 10 challengers and we would have played all day if it wasn’t for the good old English weather.

A world first in eSports

we set up a FIFA competition in Leicester Square

On Friday the 12th of November, we made history by hosting the first ever FIFA competitions in Leicester square (we think). It had arguably the highest ever in-person attendance of any eSports event on record, with a whopping 250,000 tourists passing through the square  – they might not all have watched, but we’re counting it! 

But most importantly, the event was a great success. We had an amazing time getting to chat with some of you and testing our skills against yours was a true challenge! 

Our very own Dublin Destroyer (more commonly known as Andy) challenged the public to beat him in a FIFA match, with a £5 voucher on the line. The big news was that Stakester came away with a 7-3 record that could put Tekkz to shame… but this isn’t about us – this blog is dedicated to the winners of the day! It’s time to shine a light on their skills!

A challenger emerges

the first person to beat us in our FIFA competition

After a bright start of 2 wins, the Shamrock Slayer (if you hadn’t already guessed, Andy is Irish) faltered and lost to our first winner Harry. It turned out to be his birthday, so we hope the free fiver bought you something nice to celebrate with! 🍺

Sweet revenge

the second person to beat us in our FIFA competition

The scene for a grudge match was set when the Guinness Gladiator (that’s one step closer to an HR email) beat Elias’ friend earlier in the day. Elias pulled no punches in the match and left us reeling from our heaviest loss of the day!

The final blow

The third winner (with the blue bag) of our FIFA competition

We rounded out the day with Francesco who truly brought the support with him for his match; he had his own hype man with him who wasted no time in ringing his friends to let them know the score! The game finished a close 3-1, and rain stopped play shortly afterwards.

A great day in the capital, where to next?

The enhanced emotion and excitement of competition is what Stakester is all about, and we couldn’t have picked a better group to play with in our first outing in the city. 

This isn’t a one-time-only event either, you’ll be seeing us out and about regularly from now on – and we’ll be looking to expand to different cities soon. 

If you have a suggestion then let us know, and you could be challenging us in your hometown in no time!

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