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FIFA Ultimate Team web app: is pack luck better?

Written by Stakester
1 Nov, 2021

Join us for a deep dive into one of our favourite FIFA 22 urban legends/conspiracy theories.

Picture this: you’ve spent ages crafting a squad building challenge, and you’re about to press “open pack”. It can be the most thrilling, but also the most depressing aspect of FUT. EA Sports seem to be prioritising packs (or loot boxes) this year – they gave away free FIFA Points in the early access phase of the game and the transfer market has never recovered. 

If you search around the FIFA forums online, you’ll find a growing number of people who think that by using the web app or companion app you can increase your chances of pulling a high ranked/promo player. But where does this idea come from, and is there any truth to it?

What is the FUT Web App

One for the casuals: you can use your EA Account to manage your FUT Club on desktop or mobile devices. You have access to the transfer market (if you can beat the bots!) and you can basically do everything except play matches. 

Over the years, the rumour has persisted that players seem to have better luck on the app than they do on console. Lots of FUT players exclusively open packs and content on the app, as they’re worried that opening on console means you risk losing out. 

Do you have more chance of packing a TOTY on the app?

The full Team of the Year squad is out in packs right now, and the Honourable Mentions will follow soon after. That means the full XI, as well as 12th man Ronaldo are up for grabs, on top of some great cards including 94 Salah. However, you might not necessarily improve your luck by opening packs on the web app, here’s why:

Can you increase your luck?

FIFA players – like footballers – are seriously superstitious. A quick glance at the forums over the years yields amazing theories like this one from FIFA 20. If you want to stay sane we’ll sum it up: set a crap bronze squad as your active squad when you’re opening packs and your luck will rise.

If you want to try an experiment, you could just lose a bunch of games. The forums are full of players who attribute their good pack luck to a lack of FIFA ability. We aren’t sure about this one, as the top players routinely pull amazing cards, but imagine the boost you’d get if you were the player in this video:

Another popular theory is the idea that if you just play less, you’ll get better rewards. Lots of players are convinced that your habits are tracked and that the AI hands out rewards accordingly. The idea is that if you can “trick” the game into thinking you might quit then it’ll reward you with better packs to bring you back. 

Content Creators are King?

The community seems to agree on the idea that Content Creators have skewed pack luck. The logic is, if you’re working for Electronic Arts, then you want to push people towards buying packs. Gameplay comes second – all the hypermotion technology in the world is never going to be as profitable as those packs. 

So when players watch content creators opening big cards, they’ll be more likely to go and do the same themselves. FIFA players seem to treat this as fact, but we think Content Creators simply open more packs than your average player, so they have a better chance of pulling a promo card or a big name. 

Better luck = less coins?

This season, pack weights have been better for players hoping for a great pull. But, the result of this is that there are very few really valuable players left in the game. You might pull a Neuer and a Werner, but it’s only going to net you 30-40k. So even if your luck is better, the returns on that luck are much lower.

There are currently 10 gold players worth more than 100k in the game. If you can’t make money with good pulls, then what’s the point in having good pack luck? If you want to make any coins this season, you need a God-tier pull to give yourself the basis. 

Ultimately, it’s a gamble

Legally, EA will be required to make sure cards are randomly allocated to packs. It’s highly unlikely that there’s anything you can do to fool the game into giving you better cards, but we’re sure that won’t stop anyone from trying.

Every time you open a pack you’re gambling on a good pull. That’s why it’s better to avoid spending money on FIFA points and take what your rewards packs give you. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy FIFA – like playing for money and prizes on Stakester – that are better than sinking your money into opening packs.

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