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Finally! Play Call of Duty: Warzone for money and prizes

Written by Stakester
26 Jan, 2022

You came, you saw, you wanted Warzone. Well here it is…

The big, bad battle royale is finally available to play on the Stakester app. That means you can now play Warzone for money and prizes. If you’re looking to take your Warzone game to the next level, download the app and test your skills on Stakester.

Focus on the fight, we’ll do the rest

Playing Warzone for money and prizes is simple on Stakester – all you have to do is click to find a game and we’ll take care of the matchmaking for you. This means you’re free to get into the zone, blast Fortunate Son through your headphones and do whatever you’ve got to do to secure the win!

Drop into Caldera

It’s time to play Call of Duty: Warzone for money and prizes with Stakester. We heard your battle cries, and we have delivered! Warzone has dropped onto the Stakester app with a bang. The spoils of victory can be yours in addition to money and awesome prizes if you’re up to the task…

Armour up

To play Warzone on Stakester for money and prizes; set up a Battle Royale Duos game, drop into Caldera and get more kills than your opponent to be crowned the winner. You can go to the Gulag, as long as you come back out, but you can’t return in a jailbreak. The player with the most kills when the game ends gets their hands on the money and the prizes!

To verify your win, all you have to do is upload a picture of the results screen to the Stakester app. Someone from our team will then confirm the win and you’ll have your winnings in your account in no time!

Win the kill race

Since we’re in the middle of Season 2, most of you have had the time to hone your skills and get to know the new map. But if you’re new to the game, feel free to check out our CoD content to improve your abilities and widen your knowledge!

Sharpen your instincts, so you’re 100% ready to take on the competition when you play on Stakester. Like any kill race, there can only be one winner in this challenge. Make sure it’s you.

Call of Duty Tournaments

Here at Stakester, we already have a number of Warzone tournaments under our belts and in the future you can expect us to host many more! Keep an eye out for these tourneys being announced on our Discord – they fill up fast.

Play Call of Duty for money and prizes

Head to the app now and you can start earning a little more from your skills. Every win comes with a cash prize and Gems which are redeemable in our prize store for massive items such as Netflix subscriptions, iPhones and even Peloton bikes. Even better – Warzone is free to play, which means any wins that you bag will rocket you straight into profit!

It’s worth remembering that we don’t just offer CoD – you can also win prizes and make money playing FIFA 22 and Rocket League too. And if you’re more into your American sports, Madden 22 is one of our video games that is gaining popularity day by day!

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