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Fortune’s Keep: the new map dropping in Warzone Season 4!

Written by Stakester
16 Jun, 2022

Caldera and Rebirth Island look set to take the back seat, as Fortune’s Keep is confirmed.

A few days ago, Activision teased a brand new map for Call of Duty: Warzone. Now though, after a 12-piece puzzle reveal – which involved some YouTubers receiving clues on top of cakes – the full map has been uncovered!

Fortune’s Keep

The tweet promises that the new map will be an intense battle, much like the current rebirth island. Although unlike the Alcatraz-themed battleground, Fortune’s Keep is a much greener affair, taking more after Warzone’s tropical Caldera map.

The size of the map hasn’t yet been revealed. But, if you compare the map grids of both Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep, it looks like the upcoming map is almost twice as big. This poses the question of how many players will be involved in a game – Rebirth has only 40 per game, but to keep the action intense in Fortune’s Keep, there may be a need to up that number.

What happens to Rebirth?

Activision still remains tight-lipped when it comes to the future of their Battle Royale’s smallest map. That means there is a possibility that we could wind up with three separate maps to choose from in the lobby, but knowing Activision, Rebirth Island will probably meet a grim end in the coming days.

At the end of season 3, there is scheduled to be another “redacted” event, this time on the 40-player island. If past redacted events are anything to go by, it’s probably going to involve some kind of disaster that either wipes the whole island out, or at least calls for an evacuation – meaning Fortune’s keep may replace Rebirth Island.

Warzone Season 4 leaks

Here is a round up of all of the other Season 4 information you’ll need!

Release date: this is slated for the 22nd of June

Operators: the following operators have already been found within the game files – Butcher, Callum, Ikenna.

Game modes: Mercenaries of Fortune. Not much is known about this game mode, but our bet is you have to battle for hordes of gold across the map – whoever has the most wins the game!
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