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Four Times Football Fans Backed their Team the Right Way.

Written by Stakester
21 May, 2021

As we look set to see the return of thousands of fans to football grounds up and down the country, we’re highlighting some of the all-time best displays of fan support. As we all head back to our beloved stadiums, here’s how to back your team the right way!

Celtic Fans 2003

It is 18 years to the day since celtic took 80,000 fans from Glasgow to the Spanish city of Seville. “The Bhoys from Seville” as the team and fans from the 02-03 season became known, massed in their thousands in the streets of the Andalusian city, with some comparing it to the colourful carnivals of Rio.

Although the result didn’t go their way (with Mourinho picking up his first European trophy) the supporters stole the hearts and minds of football fans worldwide. In fact, Celtic fans are the only fans to have received fair play awards from FIFA and UEFA. 

Ireland Fans in France 

Ireland fans party in the streets of France

Who could forget the behaviour of the fans from the Emerald Isle at France’s 2016 Euros? The Irish supporters truly brought the party to town and football took a backseat as they danced and sang in every French city they visited. 

But they weren’t just party animals, they also lent a helping hand whenever they could! One group accidentally dented a car, so they first began stuffing the door with money as an apology, before a chant of “fix the car for the boys in green” was started – and that’s exactly what they did!

Elsewhere, in Lille, Ireland fans celebrated hard after their win over Italy. But they didn’t leave a mess behind; one fan who was in attendance said “we drank in the square until 6am, then someone got the bin bags out and we cleaned up, you wouldn’t have known we were there!”.

The Viking Thunder Clap

The silence after the clap is deafening!

Iceland fans wowed us all in 2016 with their spine-tingling Viking Thunder Clap. There’s something quite awe-inspiring about thousands of people acting in unison in this terrifying display of support. It almost felt as if the Iceland fans were going off to war with their players on the pitch. This is an example of how you truly get behind your team!

Man City fans and the Poznan

We know Lech Poznan fans were the inspiration behind this one, however, it was Manchester City who truly made this celebration famous. After supporters who had travelled to an away game in Europe saw the dance – in which everyone turns their backs to the pitch, locks arms and bounces  – they were inspired to bring it back to the North of England. But love it or hate it, Man City supporters made this dance an iconic part of English football in the early 2010s!

Looking to the Future!

We can’t wait to see what brilliant displays of support will be on show now that a limited number of fans are heading back to support our teams. Hopefully before long, we’ll all be able to leave the comfort of our armchairs and head down to the ground for a pie, a pint and a good old sing song!

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