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Francis Ngannou vs the world

Written by Stakester
29 Mar, 2021

Bringing “back yourself” to a whole new level

You have to wonder what was going through Francis Ngannou’s mind in this picture – other than “Man, my arms are tired.” The new UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World might have the most inspirational backstory of anyone to wear the belt. So, what is it about this softly-spoken gentle giant that has captured the imagination of fight fans everywhere? Well, we’re here to tell you.

Where is Francis NGannou from?

Ngannou was born in Batié, a town in the western province of Cameroon. The young Francis grew up in extreme poverty. He has described the isolating feelings of shame that came along with growing up without clothes, shoes or school supplies. But he had a dream that kept him going – to become a professional boxer.

However, in reality the family’s situation was so dire that he had to work in a sand quarry from the age of 10, just so they could afford food. He spoke very powerfully about his childhood and how it shaped him in an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience – which provides an amazing insight into the mind of a unique champion.

How did he end up in the UFC?

It was a long journey for the new champion of the UFC heavyweight division. He had been training hard in Cameroon, still harbouring hopes of becoming a pro boxer, but at the age of 26 he decided a change was needed. He would have to head to Europe to fulfil his ambition.

An Instagram post thanking Didier Carmont for all of his help.

One day, he walked into a gym and struck up a friendship with boxing coach Didier Carmont. Didier would change Francis’ life – setting him up with an apartment, lending him money and helping him get on his feet. It was Carmont who convinced Ngannou to try his hand at martial arts, and set him on the path that brought him to the UFC today.

The rise and fall of Francis Ngannou

I currently hold the world records of punching power 💪

It didn’t go well. Ngannou looked a shadow of his former self as he lost by unanimous decision. To make matters worse, he lost (again by unanimous decision) in a drab contest against the unfancied Derrick Lewis 6 months later. A career at the highest levels of professional sport is fragile and for a horrible moment it looked as though Ngannou’s might fallen apart.

Don’t call it a comeback

Having scrapped and fought for everything he had earned before, Ngannou wasn’t going to give it up now. He followed up that nightmare six months with four straight wins, and the return of his swaggering punching power. The fighter who had won the hearts and minds of UFC fans everywhere was back!

It all culminated in this weekend’s rematch with Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, and this time Ngannou was ready. It took him just 5 minutes and 52 seconds to knock his opponent out in stunning style and achieve the unlikeliest of childhood dreams.

Celebrations in Batié, Cameroon

A truly special champion

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Ngannou laughing while being repeatedly punched

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