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FUT 22 Tips: 5 mistakes to avoid early in the game!

Written by Stakester
2 Sep, 2021

FIFA 22’s release date is within touching distance, which means we can start to get excited about crafting a new Ultimate Team from the bottom up – again! But, if you’re new to the game, there are some really common mistakes you’re going to want to avoid – and if you’re a seasoned pro, then you’ll either cringe at the memories or realise you’re still falling into a few hidden traps! 

Pre-order rewards

If you’ve splashed the cash and bought either the Day 1 Ultimate Team Bundle or the Super FIFA Ultimate Team Bundle then you’ll be receiving either 2200 or 4600 FIFA points! But, make sure you don’t go wasting those precious points on packs straight away – it turns out that isn’t the most efficient way to use them, who’d have thought?

Instead, you should think about using those FIFA points to enter the draft as many times as possible. This will mean you end up with far more packs and a much better chance of packing some decent early-game players. 

Early-game SBCs

First of all, when it comes to the first SBCs that are released, you need to DO YOUR RESEARCH! In the early days of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, you might be tempted to rush into completing SBCs for anything that looks remotely shiny (who could forget the flop that was POTM Calvert-Lewin), but our advice is to check FUTBIN and FUTWIZ for their community votes and reviews – that way, you can find the best hidden gems.

At the same time, it’s very important that you don’t miss out on the early SBCs that can be used in your first XI for months to come. In EA Sports’ FIFA 21, we saw Klaiber’s Showdown card in all of the best early teams. That card was quickly followed by Flashback Robben and Foundations Van Bergen – all together, cards like these will form the spine of a team that can carry you through to TOTS.

Avoiding Squad Battles

You might think this offline game mode isn’t worth your time at the start of FUT 22, but you’d be wrong! Squad battles is actually a great way to earn rewards in the first few weeks of the game. We recommend playing on the highest difficulty that you can achieve a decent scoreline on to maximise your ranking. So, before you put all your eggs in the Rivals and FUT Champs basket, give this mode a go!

Silver Stars objectives

The Silver Beasts objectives were a hit in FIFA 21 thanks to their mega pack reward and it’s likely that they will be making a return in this year’s edition. However, the objectives require that you use at least one silver in-form player. This can be made much easier if you complete the Silver Stars objectives each week – that way, when the Silver Beasts come around, you’ll have a stacked team of silver in-forms to use!

Hoarding expensive gold cards

Now we aren’t talking about the Ronaldos and Messis of the game, we mean the expensive but low rated gold cards. Many FIFA players fall into the trap of stockpiling gold cards for future SBCs, but it’s much better to sell them in the first few weeks as these cards lose their value faster than your uncle’s Costa del Sol timeshare. Our advice: sell now and buy back for cheaper later.

BONUS: early access tip

If you have EA early access and BOTH next-gen and old-gen consoles, then you can get 20 hours of early access gameplay rather than just 10!

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