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FUT 22 tips: 5 things you need to do at the start of FIFA 22

Written by Stakester
20 Sep, 2021

Here at Stakester, we’re committed to making sure that you get off to the best start possible in your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team journey! We’ve been keeping the tips coming at you thick and fast, but in this article we’re going to outline everything we’ve said so far, so you have everything in one quick and easy place!

And don’t forget you can still play FIFA 21 for money and prizes until EA Sports’ FIFA 22 drops!

Avoid some key mistakes

  1. Use your FIFA points wisely – we recommend using them for the draft, you’ll get more bang for your buck.
  2. SBCs – do your research, they all won’t be worth your time, make sure to check out FUTBIN and FUTWIZ.
  3. Squad Battles – this offline mode is a great way to earn early game rewards.
  4. Silver Stars – complete these early so you can start to build a great silver team for future challenges.
  5. Gold card hoarding – make sure you sell low rated golds early on, you’ll get more coins.

Earn your first 100k quickly

  1. Watch SBCs – keep an eye on the most popular players being used in live SBCs, snipe these players when they fluctuate in price and sell them for a quick profit.
  2. Target lazy sellers– some players can sell for more if they have certain chemistry or position modifiers, buy low from people who don’t realise and then sell higher.
  3. FUT Draft – it’s being revamped for FIFA 22 and we’ll see better rewards given out, make the most of it!

Use the Web App

  1. Squad Building Challenges – if you have EA Play’s early access, don’t waste your 10 hours doing SBCs, make sure you complete them on the Web App instead.
  2. Trade – buying 80-83 rated players, keeping to the most popular leagues and ‘bid don’t buy’ are all great ways to trade successfully on the Transfer Market.
  3. Build your starter squad – just like SBCs, don’t waste your 10 hours trying to pull off a Mourinho masterclass; decide your starting XI on the Web App.

Choose a great starter squad

  1. The Iberian Dream – Portugal looks like it’ll be great for a starter squad this year, that’s both the league and Portuguese players! 
  2. Improved defenders – Pepe and Vertonghen have received great speed boosts, so put them to good use!
  3. Felix – he might be expensive, but we bet he’ll be worth the grind.

Have some fun

FIFA is best when you play it your own way! Feel free to use our tips, but make sure you put your own twist on gameplay.

Talking of fun, try out our quiz – it’ll tell you which league you should build your starter squad around!

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