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FUT 22 Tips: how to trade and make your first 100k coins

Written by Stakester
20 Sep, 2021

Set yourself up by learning how to make coins and take advantage of the FIFA 22 web app.

We’re back with more FUT 22 Tips! We’re expecting the FIFA Ultimate Team web app release date to be around 6pm on Wednesday 22nd September UK time, and it represents a chance to get your squad started before the bulk of players enter the game for the first time. 

Based on last year, we can expect some teething problems – so if you find you can’t sign in, just keep trying, you’ll get in eventually! Then, once you’re in, there are some simple things you can do to make some coins and buy some of the highest rated cards – faster.


Our number one trading strategy is the SBC solution method. In the early days, lots of clever players will be trying to complete the foundation and league/hybrid league SBCs. This is a smart move and you should do it, but you can also take advantage of lazy buyers.

Go to FUTBIN and check out the “cheapest solutions” for the popular SBCs. The cards included in these will be in high demand as everyone goes to FUTBIN to get the answers. You want to identify cards that appear in multiple solutions and thus have even higher demand. 

These cards will naturally fluctuate in price, so you should buy when the price is low and then sell when it goes back up again. Try to choose two leagues (say Spain and Portugal) to trade off – and keep an eye on prices so you know when to buy or sell. This is a bit of a grind, but if you set aside some time to do it you’ll be able to watch the coins roll in.

Feel the chemistry

This one is nice and easy. Popular players who can change position (think CMs) sell for different amounts depending on their position. You should be looking out for players who offer good links and may be included in starter squads alongside more OP players. 

If you find that a player is selling for 500 coins more with a CDM than a CM, then you can take advantage of lazy sellers who don’t know or care, or are just offloading those cards out of packs bought with starter FIFA Points (we’ll get back to those). Pick them up when you notice a low priced card and sell for a profit. Easy! Our picks to get you started are: 

Rodrigo de Paul
de Paul on FUTBIN
  • Emre Can (Juventus)
  • Rodrigo de Paul (Atlético de Madrid)
  • Lucas Paqueta (Lyon) 
  • Mohammed Sissoko (Watford)

And you’ll be able to do the same with Chem styles. The right chemistry style can turn an average player into a good one, and people figure this out pretty quickly. The result is that you see everyone running the same players with the same styles, which drives up demand for those cards.

Buying Shadows and Hunters is expensive, so players generally prefer to buy the card with the right style. That’s where you come in: you need to snipe the market to try and find underpriced players with desirable chem styles. Again, lots of players will be offloading their packs for quick coins, so you just need to be fast enough to snap them up. We’ve got some recommendations to start you off here too!

Reece James FUTBIN card
James on FUTBIN
  • Diogo Jota (Hunter)
  • Reece James (Shadow)
  • Sergio Reguilon (Shadow) 
  • Ibrahim Konate (Shadow)

The draft is back

Lots of us (this writer included) have persisted with the FUT Draft – even though it’s about as useless to your Ultimate Team as pro clubs and career mode. BUT, that is about to change, as EA have announced that they’re revamping Draft rewards. (About time too, I once won 4 in a row and all I got for it was a Gold Pau Lopez!)

So, if you’re a Gold 1 player or higher, the draft is a viable option once again. AND it’s a good place to put those free FIFA Points if you preordered the Ultimate Edition. With a realistic chance of getting hold of good in-forms or even one of those FUT Heroes we’ve heard so much about, we think this is a must for good players in the early game.

Added to the pack pool for Draft rewards is a 25k coins pack with two guaranteed 83+ players. We don’t know if that’s a reward for a certain amount of wins or if it’s going to be as random as it seemed to be last year, but it’s an improvement! If you’ve got those free 4600 FIFA Points then this is a great place to put them while you practise your skills and try out some different players.

What if you could play for real coins?

 As soon as FIFA 22 is released it will be available to play for money and prizes on the Stakester app. It’s very simple: sign up, choose your console/platform, choose your game and then choose the price you want to play for. 

Then, our app will match you with an opponent and you can set up an online friendly match against them. After the game, the winner submits a picture of the results screen and the money and prizes are awarded to the winning player. So, if you ever get bored of putting time and effort into fake FIFA money, come and play with us for something more real!

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