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FUT 22 Tips: player ratings have dropped

Written by Stakester
14 Sep, 2021

With just 8 days to go until the release date (sorry, Standard Edition buyers), official FIFA 22 player ratings are finally here.

Every season, players and fans have a lot to say about new FIFA ratings. EA Sports hold a lot of power at this time of year! Who got a pace nerf, who is OP this year and who finally got the card they deserve?

CBs back all right!

Lots of players were rejoicing at the news of the end of the FB at CB META. FBs playing in the middle will now see their positioning stats drop off a cliff, but that’s not all! A couple of big league CBs appear to have been given an insane pace boost.

Skriniar, Vertonghen and Pepe are the big winners here: getting massive pace upgrades that put them alongside the likes of Gomes, Varane and Miliato at the top of the fast CB tree. For the 38-year-old Pepe, it’s a real surprise – but it makes the Portuguese league a real option for starter squads this year.

It might be speaking to a desire to widen the acceptable leagues players can use if they want to compete in FUT, but it also could be a result of the new gameplay dynamics we’re going to see. We’re really praying for that “unrivaled authenticity”! One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be much harder to spam through balls against quicker defenders, so this is a good start.

The players react

New FIFA ratings always means great content with the players themselves. This video from AC Milan is well worth a look, with Fikayo Tomori, Sandro Tonali and Olivier Giroud all visibly disappointed with their ratings. Only Theo Hernandez is happy, he might need that pace to run away from the rest of them once the cameras turn off!

Serie-ous A

That first Weekend League is feeling closer and closer – so the real nerds are already pitching starter squads! How impressive is this AC Milan triangle of Tomori, Hernandez and Kessie? (possibly the biggest winner in the player ratings released so far!) The only thing we can say for sure is that these guys won’t be cheap.

If you want to try another league or a different approach, we’ve pulled together a few of the best Tweets on the subject below.

If you’re after a cheap starter team, the Portuguese league looks like a real option this season. Things definitely get worse higher up the pitch, but  starting with this solid defence could get you ahead of the competition quickly.

Again, you’ll need some coins for this team, but t

De Bruyne gets his due

Level with Cristiano Ronaldo on 91, De Bruyne is the highest rated player in the Premiership. To be fair, when he’s fit for a whole season City usually win the title, so we can’t argue with it! 

Unlike the pace/strength/skill move merchant that is Ronaldo, De Bruyne is the type of player that often struggles to adapt to FIFA Ultimate Team. Hopefully the new hypermotion technology (part of EA’s “season of innovation”) will allow De Bruyne to really shine in FUT. 

Llorente’s got legs

One of the most popular cards in the early game last season, Llorente/De Jong is a CM pairing we expect to see a lot of this season. With his new 86 overall rating, and only one stat below 80, we can expect him to be a lot more expensive this year!

For us, he’s a no-brainer if you’re building a La Liga team. He will cause absolute chaos, drag your team up the field and is sure to bang goals in the early stages of the game. Just don’t follow Luis Enriquew and play him at RB.

While you’re here

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