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FUT 22 Tips: the new starter squad to get more wins

Written by Stakester
15 Sep, 2021

The Primeira Liga has arrived in FIFA 22, with some stacked cards for the early game. Here’s how you can set up in the first couple of weeks.

As the release date for EA sports FIFA 22 Ultimate Team gets closer and closer, more cards are being added to the database and we have a better picture of what the early teams are going to look like. Before you start, read our FUT 22 Tips for making the most of the early game for FIFA 22.

Now you’re all caught up, we’re here to talk about one game mode and one game mode only: FUT. With a new-look Division Rivals and a revamped FUT Champions/Weekend League to look forward to, players will be desperate to get off to a good start and climb those Rivals divisions. 

A solid starter squad is just one element of the FUT experience. You also need to play the transfer market, by hoarding all of the sought after gold cards you can in the early access period when they’re cheaper. You should also jump into Squad Battles and pick up those early rewards. But who are you going to spend those hard-earned coins on?

Portug-easy work

With the FIFA 22 attacking style still a mystery, it’s hard to pinpoint attacking tactics or trends before the game is released. But, defending is another matter: CBs have been given huge pace boosts, presumably to nerf through balls and discourage people from playing FBs at CB. And that’s where we’re going to start:

3-5-2 formation

Defenders win titles

Pepe and Vertonghen’s speed boosts have raised plenty of eyebrows in the FUT community. 38 year old Pepe got a +14, which makes him faster than Jadon Sancho… no, we don’t get it either. But still, you can take advantage as he’s unlikely to cost too much and you can link him with super Jan and the equally rapid Lucas Verissimo.

Not a mid-rate midfield

Uribe and Gedson will be absolute nightmares to play against and in the 3-5-2 they occupy the CDM position to block passing lanes. Pizzi is a decent shout for a CAM, with good passing and dribbling stats to feed those STs. The wide men also have plenty to offer, with FUT stalwart Rafa and Porto’s Luis Diaz sure to test defenders with a 94 and 92 pace stat respectively. 

Up front with the best of them

Joao Felix is probably going to be on the expensive side, but he’s well worth grinding for. El Menino de Ouro (that’s the golden boy) may not play in the Liga Portugal, but his skill moves will beef up your chance creation and build up play (despite his 6 chem rating). Alongside him is the pace/strength monster Darwin Nunez, who we’re backing to be a handful despite his lopsided stats. Plus, with that 84 physical stat he gives you something to long ball at!

4-5-1 formation

A versatile choice

You’re not limited to three a the back either, if you’d prefer to involve your FBs then Wilson Manafa and the always reliable Grimaldo offer some pacey defenders that are very usable with the right chem style. You obviously lose the second striker in this variation, but you gain the benefit of +3 chemistry for Joao Felix. 

Obviously you want those strong links wherever you can get them, but using purely Portugal-based STs is going to set you back, so you might want to get used to the idea of seeing a few red lines when you log in. 

Stay tuned for more FUT 22 tips!

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