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FUT 22 fans go wild over TOTS “leaks”, but are they legit?

Written by Stakester
25 Mar, 2022

Top FIFA 22 content creator @The_BossFUT has caused a stir with his TOTS leak.

A couple of days ago, @The_BossFUT posted a cryptic tweet of an image that showed 4 Premier League Team of the Season players, and it wasn’t long before some FIFA Ultimate Team fans went into meltdown at the prospect of the tweet being the start of TOTS leaks. FUT Fantasy Team 2 is still in full swing, and some of you are already raring to go with the next promo!

The TOTS leak tweet

The image gives us a glimpse of a 98 Salah, a 96 Spurs duo of Kane and Son and a 94 Berdnardo Silva. Understandably, it was very easy to get excited over these potential releases. But unfortunately, all is not as it seems…

Are they legit?

Given that the Team of the Season promotion is still almost a month away, the chances of these leaks being genuine were already very slim. But the gig was up when BossFUT posted his full prediction in the following tweet:

As you can see, the original four players were just a part of a wider prediction – which in fairness is top quality, given that the Mini Release, SBC and Objective players have all been highlighted. Fair play BossFut, fair play!

Breaking down the prediction

The obvious standout players in the prediction are:

  • 98 Mo Salah – with maxed out pace and dribbling, and near perfect shooting stats to boot, there’s quite literally nothing this card couldn’t do going forward.
  • 97 De Bruyne – this card would have 99 passing, meaning any forward runs from your attackers could become deadly thanks to KDB’s pinpoint passing. But with such a well-rounded card, you’d be able to play him anywhere in your team!
  • 96 Van Dijk – a card this strong would quickly shore up your defence, and with the added bonus of great pace, dribbling and passing stats, you’d be able to initiate your attack straight from the back line.

When is the Team of the Season promo? 

So far, there is no statement from EA Sports about the release date of TOTS squads. However, if the date follows the traditional release cycle, then we can expect that first squad will be released the on Friday the 22nd of April at 6pm – and the first TOTS leaks will be well before that.

With that being said, we expected to get our hands on the FUT Birthday promo much later than we did this year, so EA will be sure to keep up guessing! Watch this space…

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