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FUT 23 4-2-2-2 formation to defend vs the META 5-1-2-2

Written by Stakester
11 Oct, 2022

The all new 5-1-2-2 formation in FIFA 23 has been doing the rounds in Champs, and it’s unreal – but try out this FUT 23 4-2-2-2 formation to put an end to your opponent’s domination!

Playing 5 at the back is the new craze in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team this year, at least for the early stages of the game. A lot of people are having a lot of success with the formation, but if you’re struggling to use it, or you’re just having defensive problems when your opponent is using the 5-1-2-2, then you should give this FUT 23 4-2-2-2 custom tactics formation a go. It allows you to suffocate your opponent, and utilise all 5 subs in the second half for renewed energy across your team.


Defensive Style: Press after possession loss

Width: 45

Depth: 65


Build up play: Fast build up

Chance creation: Direct passing

Width: 60 

Players in box: 7 – flood the box

Corners: 3

Free kicks: 2

Player Instructions


Set your goalkeeper to “come for crosses” and “sweeper keeper”.

Left back and right back:

For your right back, make sure he is set to balanced attack, aggressive interceptions, overlap and stick to position.

Centre backs:

For both centre backs, set them to stay back while attacking, aggressive interceptions and stick to position.

Centre defensive mid 1:

Set your CDM to man mark, stay back while attacking, aggressive interceptions, cover centre and stick to position.

Centre defensive mid 2:

Set up this player exactly the same as his CDM counterpart, except have his attacking support set to balanced attack.

Centre attacking mids:

Set both of your CAMs to stay forward, get into the box for cross, drift wide and attacking interceptions.

Stiker 1:

Your first striker should be set to balanced width, get in behind, aggressive interceptions and basic defensive support.

Striker 2:

You can set up your second striker the same way, except you should have his defensive support set to stay forward.


To run this formation, you’re going to need 5 or 6 quality substitutes that are going to be able to fill in for the second half. With everyone set to aggressive interceptions, your team stamina is going to run low. Our suggestion is to take off both full backs, both CAMs and one of the CDMs.

Over to you

Give this FUT 23 4-2-2-2 formation a go in your next 20 matches of the FUT Champs weekend to see if your performance, and your FIFA 23 FUT Champions rewards, improve!
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