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FUT 23 tips: how to make coins early in the game

Written by Stakester
24 Aug, 2022

A few quick FUT 23 tips for how you can make coins early in the game cycle.

Sometimes, it can be a bit slow to get your club off the ground in the early days of EA Sports’ Ultimate Team. But if you follow these easy FUT 23 tips, you’ll be back at the soaring heights of your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in no time – here’s your easy guide to getting your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team winning matches from the starting whistle:

Choose your game mode wisely

Squad Battles, Rivals and FUT Champs are ideal for the beginning of an Ultimate Team campaign. Their tradable and coin-based rewards means you’ll be optimising the amount of time played for the amount of coins received. You will earn around 500 coins every game, as well as contributing towards objectives which unlock coins and packs too!

Tradable rewards are your friend

EA Sports like to tempt us with their double untradeable packs – but you aren’t going to be tempted by that, are you? Early in the game, you need to be farming as many tradable cards as possible, so you can flip them for coins.

Use coin boosts early

At times, season objectives will reward you with coin boosts – activate these as soon as possible. Later in the game when you’ve racked up the stacks, coin boosts won’t mean much, but early on they can be pivotal in getting you ahead of the competition.

Don’t waste coins on SBCs

Another example of EA offering us the forbidden fruit in FIFA is allowing us to complete Squad Building Challenges with coins. Resist that urge and save the coins for improving your team. Only use spare player cards for the early, basic SBCs. 

With that said, if you’re guaranteed to get that coin value back from the packs, you can treat yourself and splash the cash on SBCs. FUTBIN is your friend here.

Use FIFA points carefully

If you’ve pre-ordered FIFA 23’s Ultimate Edition, apart from 3 days of early access before September 30, you will also be receiving 4600 FIFA points. Make sure you spend those points on the draft and sell all of the players you pack on the transfer market; decent players will get much better returns doing this, rather than wasting your points on 7.5K packs.

The only exception to this rule is if you’re a good trader; it may be more time effective to open packs, sell everything and start trading your way to the top. This is only for those with a good track record of trading though – packing and selling a Prime Icon once a year does not count!

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